Go Bug Dad

Go Bug Dad

go bug dad

Go Bug Dad!

Why is it that it’s always MOM MOM MOM? I love my kids to death, no seriously – but for the love of Jesus and all things chocolate, why am I the chosen one when it comes to tattling, asking, complaining, whining, wishing, wanting or begging?

Oh that’s right – I’m Mom.

There is one holy place in this house sacred to me, the shower. I take late night showers to make sure that it’s nice and quiet and so I can just cry. Okay, not really cry – but I just want 20 minutes of quiet.

I’ve learned that going pee isn’t a guarantee of alone time. Cooking dinner, yeah forget about that! Sleep? Oh, I typically end up with one munchkin snuggled up next to me. So please kids, let me just have the shower. You can have the rest of my life – just let me have the shower, please. It’s the one place I can hide, let me just be – please.

Well that just wasn’t going to happen tonight.


glass of milkTrying to play it patient and calm – “yes, I am in the shower”


Milk. I’m not nursing you, pour your own milk – my dear 7 year old – mommy smells and wants QUIET.

“Go ask Dad.”

“He’s playing his game,”


Is it just me? It can’t just be me… there must be something that just keeps your kids stuck to you and not Dad. Or maybe it’s just that dads don’t put up with crap.

*sigh* I have a feeling this will be going on a very very long time. They are lucky that I love them. Now kids, GO BUG DAD.

Are Your Kids Mom Naggers?


Death of No Car Payment.

Death of No Car Payment.

Do You Know How Great Life Is With No Car Payment?

It’s what I call.. FABULOUS. But then a day like today rolls around and I am reminded that maybe that car payment is another thing we’ll just have to chuck up and do. Check engine light on and a car that feels like it’s dancing to the radio as you cruise at a speed of 30 isn’t all that its cracked up to be. Plus with a screaming baby in the back (okay, screaming more like GOOing) – the last thing I want is to be stranded on the side of the road.

3 Kids + Bucket Seats = No Good

Life with 3 kids now poses a slight vehicular issue in our family.

The Husband’s Car – Maxi

*This is not his car, but since he doesn’t read this – we’ll just pretend it is. 🙂

Sean’s car we named Maxi. Sean said it always gripes and maxi is like maxi-pad, don’t ask – apparently that’s some funny haha poke at women being moody – boy humor, whatever. ANYWHO. Sean’s a to b car – seats 4 – and the 2 in the back must be very small people. With 5 and 1 requiring an ultra bulky car seat – his car is our runner car. Run here – run there – just don’t expect to run anywhere with the family.

The Beast

The Beast

My beast seats 8. It’s a huge gas guzzling (12 MPG on a good day BABY!) Expedition.  I’ve loved this car too much. And so have the kids.  The DVD player finally gave out a few months ago and that right there started my mind turning to buying another car. Do you know HOW quiet DVD players keep children on long trips? Just saying.

The Expedition has been great to us. It’s just time for something different.

So here we are. What to buy is the next question.

Must haves:

The Vehicle Must Seat 6-7 People

Yes, we only have 5 in our family. NO, I am not pregnant and yes, we may reproduce once again because this Earth just doesn’t have enough people.

No Mini-Vans

I KNOW, I am a Mom – why not get a mini-van the stinkin’ car was made for people like me.  I just can’t do it. Crossovers –  yes.  Mini-vans – no.

Better Gas Mileage

I don’t think this one will be TOO hard finding.  Anything has got to be better than the sometimes 12 MPG we get now!


I’m a freak when it comes to safety in the car.  I blame the police officer talking to me when I was 5 years old telling me I must ALWAYS wear my seat belt. Yes sir.

Road Trip Friendly

My ultimate BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL in life is to find a way to make a living for a year and road trip. See the world. Or well, see what you can drive to. THOUGH I don’t see that happening (and I didn’t buy my quick picks for tonight, so there goes my chance at a lotto win) – we travel quite a bit, and when it’s family – it’s almost always road trips. We heart road trips!

When I Grow Up…

I always thought that when I grew up and had kids I’d have a Volkswagen Bus. Unfortunately they stopped production of these and replaced it with the Vanagon – which is must better than the Routon but they stopped making the Vanagons as well in the states.

SO, when I grow up and have enough money to afford a recreational vehicle – I’m so buying a Volkswagen Bus. I’ll be pimping that baby OUT.  Vegetable oil. DVD players. Card table. Pleather. Fringe. Navigation. We’re talking TACKY PREP.

Volkswagon Bus

Volkswagen – I am quite sad that you didn’t run with the concept car of a Microbus. I remember finding out about this concept back in 2001 and begging Sean if they released this to buy it.  BOO, they trashed the idea. Something about more affordable, yadda yadda blah blah.

new volkswagen bus

And It Begins.

So let the car buying journey begin. Hoping to avoid all sleazy sales tactics.  And what I would REALLY love is to have at least another month before mourning the death of no car payment!

Face Fighter Gold iPad App – Digital Mom Reviews

Face Fighter Gold iPad App – Digital Mom Reviews

Face Fighter Gold iPad app – this app received good reviews and I wanted to download a game to keep my husband entertained.

Face Fighter Gold App Review

The Face Fighter Gold app is NOT kid-friendly. Currently, it is only available for the iPad and well, it is full of violence. The app is VERY funny and if you really feel like beating someone up… you should just buy this app, and not do it in real life.

face fighter gold ipad app

I decided to make a little YouTube video to show you what the Face Fighter app is all about. What better person to beat up then my brother. Love you bro, but you are going DOWN. Here you can see me beating Billy up. You can insert any face, think of this as a virtual voo-doo doll of sorts. 

Sorry for the bruises, bro!

SO, violence, yeah. I have 3 kids, and am a pretty cool calm and collected person. This app is VERY TESTOSTERONE. I wouldn’t recommend letting them play it. 

Here’s the premise of Face Fighter Gold: You choose your opponent you would like to fight (you can input a photo from your album).

Next, you choose your weapon of choice. There are some numerous weapons to choose from such as fish, microphone, high heel. Each item that you use as a weapon does something different.  Gain enough strength and you can go into LEGENDARY FURY MODE. With Legendary Fury mode,  you can beat up your opponent with the weapon you chose.

The Face Fighter Gold app is a simple game that brings a lot of laughs WITH the right audience.

Make sure you keep this iPad app away from your kids. I do love that this app lets you beat up whoever needs a beat down without actually hurting the person in real life! I know a few people who I wish could just take out their frustration on this app then on other people. 

FLIPBOARD – When An iPad App Goes Viral

FLIPBOARD – When An iPad App Goes Viral

flipboard when an app goes viral

So you’re on the web. You have a Facebook account and a Twitter account and all of your friends from high school are there, and then some of your co-workers are linked to you. Then there is good ol’ mom who thinks she is cool and is online and then there is your ex-boss and all of these people are "socializing" on various sites. They are sharing links and posting updates. You watch a handful of these people and your "news" is now what your circle of friend online has posted.

That’s cool and all. It’s WHAT social media is. But what if you had 1 spot to read it all.

We’re not talking RSS feeds. Anyone can create a reader for that. What if you could read all of the content from the people you visit most in ONE iPad app? Yep, no more searching Facebook and looking at Twitter – wham an iPad app taht looks at your faves and delivers your content.

Now you can.

Meet the FLIPBOARD iPad app.

It’s new. It’s FREE.. And the internet is buzzing about this app. And I AM FRUSTRATED with the app. More on that shortly.


So the video plays like something built for an Apple commercial. After hearing about the Flipboard tonight, I grabbed my iPad and downloaded Flipboard. Great. Neat. Pretty. FREE!

Now this is the part where I get FRUSTRATED.

The point of the app is that you input your social media logins – it searches for content that is relevant to YOU from people in your inner circle. Then Flipboard displays all of this lovely content in a magazine type interface. Flipboard is coined as "your personal magazine. It always has content you care about because it knows who your friends are." Your flipboard connects to your social network and grabs content that is good for you. You can share and reply right in the app. Your Flipboard essentially becomes your homebase for all of your content. All stuff you care about in one place. It’s your social media magazine.

Again, SIGN ME UP.

I Launch the app – and this is the message I get:

Flipboard ipad app

Apparently when an iPad app (Flipboard, I’m talking to YOU!) goes viral – it’s not anticipating the load. Over capacity. Not a good sign.

So after frustration of reading how darn cool this iPad app was, and NOW I can’t even play with it, I made a video. It’s a dumb little video of the Flipboard and it’s little issue. Well, then I ran into another issue. My dumb little video was made with a super cool Moldy Peaches song. After I uploaded (which its in HD and took 12 hours to upload, don’t ask) – YouTube and the copyright police got all up in my business and fined me with using one of their pre-selected songs… So what does that mean? That means you can watch my dumb little video, which is now stupid as well with Plain White T’s playing. ANYwhoo… 12 hours, I am making you watch this….


After watching the video from Robert Scoble – I’m not giving up on Flipbook.


This looks like a "Killer App". This has the potential to be one of those things that changes your mind and makes you says YES, i’ll dish out the $500 for this iPad just to ge tthis app. Hopefully they’ll get their stuff straight so I can adequately review. It looks soooo cool. GRR. If it would just WORK!

UPDATE: Since writing this, Flipboard posted an update to their iPad app. I updated and now am prompted with a nice little box that says "HEY, yes we suck and we know that we’re overloaded, but we are going to make you a deal – give us your email and we’ll put you in line and let you know when we don’t suck."

So here I am Flipboard. I am waiting in line. Waiting to find out how cool you are.

I will give them props for being proactive on Twitter and on Get Satisfaction. That transperancy I do admire.

HELP! My Baby is Colic!

HELP! My Baby is Colic!

Colic baby help

This is my second go round with a colic baby. The past 10 days I’ve been in denial.

Izaiah is just fussy! Give the poor dude a break he is adjusting to this world we dragged him into.


I need help.

Colic Baby Help

Last night or I should say this morning at 3:30 am – I let myself accept the fact the dude has colic (or is colic – either way = NOT FUN).

Colic Baby HelpMy first child Z was also colicky. With her though, it was just one thing in a series of unfortunate events during her first year. Along with colic, she had a herniated belly button, lactose intolerance, projectile vomiting (acid reflux), and positional plagiocephaly (a flat head). I have to remind myself, she survived and turned out just peachy. So a kid with JUST colic really isn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things.

This mom needs SLEEP. I am dying here. I can’t let my husband stay up all night as he has to work. I’m on the floor in the game room, hating myself for getting rid of our King bed.  My back hurts amongst other things, and all I want right now is sleep, but I mentioned that, right? 

All that said, colic baby help is what this mom needs. That and sleep. So here is my colic baby advice for the desperate mom. 

Advice for Moms with a Colic Baby

Read Happiest Baby on the Block

The Happiest Baby on the Block book help tremendously with Z, so we’ll be introducing those techniques with I.

Gripe Water

I don’t know what’s in Gripe Water but it can be magical. Many moms swear by it. It didn’t work 100% of the time with our first, but enough for me to use it with this kid.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles

If you are a formula feeder – the Dr. Brown’s bottles are awesome as they make sure no air gets in the bottle! 

Swaddle Blankets

Make sure you have plenty of swaddle blankets. As mentioned in the Happiest Baby on the Block, swaddling helps soothe. 

Ask for Help

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. DO NOT be afraid to ask for help. Colicky babies can be so stressful. Thankfully they are cute when they aren’t crying 🙂 Colic Baby Help

Chin-up. From one mom to another, you can do this. We can do this. This TOO shall pass. (and good thing you are cute, kid.)

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