5 BEST iPad Cases for Kids

5 BEST iPad Cases for Kids

best ipad cases for kidsLooking for an iPad case that will work well with kids?  We have 2 iPads for our 2 toddlers and we learned early on that in order for them to be able to play with the iPads, we would need to invest in nice iPad case.  If you are in the market for an iPad case for kids or for toddlers – here are a few that we recommend.

Updated: April 25, 2014

Check out these 5 Great iPad Cases for Kids:

Otterbox Defender iPad Case

ipad defender caseIf you are looking for the best in the defense for you iPad, go with the Otterbox Defender.

One of the features that I appreciate about this case is the built-in screen protector. I had purchased a separate screen protector and had it on the device. When we upgraded to the newer iPad, I didn’t worry about the screen protector film, this case protected the device enough.

The Defender line by Otterbox is awesome. It’s built for defense. While this case is bulky, your iPad will be protected and you can worry a little less about your digital investment. We have a Defender on one of our toddlers iPads and had another on an older iPad that we sold.

Purchase the Otterbox Defender iPad Case

Griffin Survivor Case

Griffin iPad Case for KidsI wasn’t sure how the Griffin Survivor case would match up to the Otterbox Defender. We had purchased our second iPad and were needing a case. I decided to try out the Griffin. It had come recommended by another mom and it was cheaper than the Otterbox Defender. I went for it and we still have a protected iPad! The case works great, is very similar in protection to the Defender – would definitely recommend it.

The Survivor iPad case comes with a built-in screen protector like the Defender.

Purchase the Griffin Survivor Case


Lifeproof ipad Case

lifeproof ipad case for kidsWhile I haven’t used the Lifeproof iPad case, I am sure it will impress. I recently switched my iPad case from an Otterbox iPhone Defender case to the Lifeproof case and WOW, this thing is impressive!  I talked with the team at CES this past year and saw this case first hand. It is super nice!

If I was a bath person, or had a pool – I would totally invest in one of these. The Lifeproof iPad case, like the Lifeproof iPhone case is WATERPROOF! And in addition to waterproof is drop proof, you can drop the iPad and no harm done to your tablet. Lifeproof even sales a Lifeproof Life Jacket to keep your device afloat in the pool.

Purchase the Lifeproof iPad Case


Speck Products iGuy

speck iguy iPad case

If you are looking for less protection and more personality with a case, , check out the iGuy from Speck. The iGuy is an iPad accessory perfect for kids. This freestanding foam case comes in various sizes to fit the various iPad versions.

The iGuy is easy to hold, lightweight and he can stand on his own two feet!

Purchase the iGuy


Big Grips Frame

big grips ipad frameBig Grips Frame was designed specifically for kids!  This frame is made of a soft, squishy and easy to grab foam that’s perfect for little hands.  The squishy foam is made to help cushion a fall, should your kids ever HAPPEN to drop your iPad (I am sure that’s NEVER happened!).

One of my good friends swears by this iPad case. My toddlers are a little too destructive for me to feel that the iPad would be safe with this case, but you never know! Her child’s iPad has yet to be damaged!  I would recommend a screen protector film if you do opt for this case.

Also Big Grips offers a Big Grips Stand – which will let your iPad stand up! Perfect if your little ones watch movies on your device.

Purchase the Big Grips Frame

Do you have an iPad case that you prefer for kids?

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Chef Sleeve – Kitchen iPad Stand

Chef Sleeve – Kitchen iPad Stand

kitchen ipad stand

If you love to cook and use an iPad in the kitchen – this post is for you.  I recently did a post on iPad stands for the kitchen over on Babble.  Chef Sleeve contacted me to tell me about their product and sent one over for me to test out.

This past January, we started eating clean in our house. All meals are prepped and cooked and OMG there is SO much time spent in the kitchen now a days that my iPad now lives in there. The thing with eating clean is that you need new recipes, constantly – or at least I do. As much as I love my black beans and brown rice with homemade salsa, I can only eat that so many times a week. (more…)

iPad Kitchen Cabinet

iPad Kitchen Cabinet

ipad kitchen cabinet

Looking for a way to use your iPad in the kitchen successfully. Some people buy an Kitchen iPad mount (see my Babble post – 7 Handy iPad Kitchen Stands) and then there are people who take it one step further.

I would like to pause and say to my husband, please do not attempt this at our home. While I think this is really cool, we don’t have any spare cabinets and I REALLY love our kitchen, let’s just buy an iPad mount.

This guy made hit kitchen cabinet his iPad holder. (more…)

5 Executive iPad Cases That Wow

5 Executive iPad Cases That Wow

executive ipad 2 cases

Executive iPad Cases

As the Apple iPad 2 goes mainstream into corporate America – the need for executive iPad cases is on the rise. Nothing says professional like a Hello Kitty iPad Case (yes, it exists and it’s totally cute).

If you are in the market for an executive iPad case – we’re here to help. Here is a round up our top picks for executive iPad cases that meet the following criteria:

  • Stylish (not plain black cases with no style here!)
  • Protection for your iPad
  • Affordable (it shouldn’t cost a fortune to look fancy)

Here are Our Top 5 Executive iPad Cases


harmony ipad 2 caseHarmony iPad Case – for the iPad 2

The Evio Harmony case for iPad2 represents the fusion of style and function. The timeless design provides reliable and stylish protection for your iPad2. An embedded kickstand allows your case to tilt for comfortable typing while reducing contact with the table and keeping the interior of your tablet clean. By reducing the backplate of the case we compensated for the curvature of the iPad2, all awhile protecting the back of your iPad2 and creating a stunning unique look. Embedded magnets ensure smart on/off functionality and keep your cover securely closed on the go.

Evio Concepts sent us a Harmony iPad case to review. Read our full review on the Harmony iPad Case – it’s nice!

Buy the Harmony iPad Case



fentie ipad caseFentie 360 iPad 2 Case

Polyurethane (PU) leather, This Fintie 360 degree rotating stand/case is specifically designed for the Apple iPad 2 . The sophisticated styling of the Rotating Stand/Case features a unique, patent-pending mechanism that creatively frames the Apple logo and allows the iPad to rotate both vertically and horizontally while in the case. For optimum comfort, this case offers three viewing positions including a lower angle which is ideal for typing on the screen. The form-fitted design securely holds the iPad 2 in place while the hard-sided exterior provides a sturdy, protective cover. The soft interior lining adds color and protects the device against scratches. The thin design makes it easy to carry inside of another case adding little weight or thickness to the iPad itself. The 360 degree rotating stand/case for iPad 2 provides full access to all iPad functions so the iPad can be fully operational without leaving the case. Pairing an executive appearance with seamless functionality, the 360 degree rotating stand/case for iPad 2 provides an attractive and functional way to carry and use the iPad 2.

Buy the Fentie iPad 2 Case


crocodile print ipad caseCtech Crocodile iPad 2 Case

This premium quality pu leather case supports smart cover capability: automatically wakes on open and sleeps on close, it also features a unique design with a 360° swivel that allows the iPad 2 to rotate in portrait or landscape position while in the case. The center of the swivel is open so that Apple logo is clearly exposed.

How many times you find out iPad 2 is actually awake in your handbag? Stop worrying now, this case comes with build in elastic band which holds case securely closed while on the go, eliminating unnecessary loss of battery life.

Buy the Ctech Crocodile iPad 2 Case


justcase executive ipad 2 caseJustCase Executive iPad 2 Case

JustCase Executive is thin enough to match the thinness of the iPad2, and your iPad2 can fit perfectly into this case. Not only does the case offer your iPad2 great protection (from dust, scratches, oil, fingerprint, small impacts etc…), it also offers you two ways to stand up your iPad2 (Vertically and horizontally.) This case is chic, light weight and low-profile, and it integrates Apple’s idea of a smart cover into a smart protection.

Buy the JustCase Executive iPad 2 Case


executive red ipad 2 case

Red Executive iPad 2 Case

Durable portfolio case specifically manufactured for your iPad 2. This portfolio case is perfect for taking your tablet wherever you go. Its durable exterior and soft microfiber interior lining provide your iPad the ultimate fit and protection, without adding bulk or weight. The framed Pocket Slot holds your iPad 2 in place and prevents it from falling out of the case. This portfolio case cover provides your tablet maximum protection against bumps, dents, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. The fold to stand feature allows you rest your iPad 2 on a flat surface so you can watch your videos or type comfortably. This case also supports sleep mode function. (Proximity Sensor) Triggers sleep mode when the case is closed. Turns on when opened, preserving battery and extending battery life. (iPAD 2 NOT INCLUDED) + INCLUDES!!! SumacLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband

Buy the Red Executive iPad 2 Case

Do You Carry an Executive iPad Case?



Snapseed App – Best Photo App for iPhone, iPad & Mac

Snapseed App – Best Photo App for iPhone, iPad & Mac

snapseed review

Snapseed App Review

I stumbled upon the Snapseed app a month ago while surfing the Mac App Store. After some research, I knew I had to have it. The app was $19.95 for the desktop version. Yes, pricier than some apps, but in comparison to the software I use day to day for photo editing (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom) and creating graphics (Adobe Fireworks) – this was drop in the bucket.

I design on a iMac 27 inch and typically do my writing on the a Macbook Pro since it’s easy to tote around chasing the kids. (My background is in design, hence the equipment – but too cheap for a powerhouse Mac!) Snapseed on the Macbook Pro gives me quick editing abilities with a lightweight program.

In addition to Mac Desktop – the Snapseed app is also available on iPhone and iPad for ultimate filtering of your mobile photos. Snapseed was named 2011 iPad app of the year by Apple – yes thing app is special!


Think Instagram on Steroids

Think Instagram  on Steroids! With more filters and better control over editing, and you have Snapseed.  This app applies filters to your photographs. While yes, you can do some light editing (rotating, cropping, color correction) – it’s strength lies in the filters.

Before and after photos using snapseed

So Easy To Use Your Grandma Could Use It!

The interface is extremely simple. On the desktop, you just drag (or open) a photo onto the big “DRAG A PHOTO HERE TO GET STARTED” lettering. On the left you have your editing options.

You can choose from the presets or fine tune your own style. Or even better yet, use the filter presets and then fine tune. Yes, it’s that good.

A Wee Bit Buggy

I have noticed a few bugs that I can’t pinpoint or find answers to. No, I haven’t emailed support – I should do that.

The bugs I’ve noticed include:

  • Photo not showing edits when choosing a filter
  • Export and edits aren’t included

These were few and far between and only when using the desktop version of Snapseed.

Photo Editing Workflow

While I skip iPhoto and organize everything in Adobe Lightroom in regards to my photo catalog – I have now added Snapseed as a step on several of the photos I edit. Anytime I want to get a good vintage feel or get some tilt shift action happening, I take the photo from Lightroom and export to Snapseed.

Exporting Photos – Sharing Photos

The Snapseed app provides a very easy way to share photos. You can share easily via email, Facebook or Flickr. Me personally Flickr fan, I love this. I just set this up. I had some weird issue with Lightroom and Flickr so had stopped anything but Instagram going there. I love having an online archive of photos of the kids so was happy to see the Snapseed app include this.

You also have the option to save the file to your computer. It won’t let your override a file, so just name it something else, or use the default _snapseed addition.

Snapseed for Android

Currently the Snapseed app for Android is coming soon, so not yet Android folks!

Purchase the iPhone or iPad app – and this app will run on both! SCORE!