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Technology Gadgets – this is one of the reasons we started Digital Mom Blog. We love to share the cool new gadgets for kids, parents and families. Whether it be the latest smart home device, mobile phone, DIY security system, home surveillance camera or tech toy for kids – you will find them here.

Looking for the best Bluetooth speaker with microphone for conference calls? Our top 10 list includes options from top brands like Bose, JBL, and Anker. From portable and waterproof speakers to those with long battery life and voice control capabilities, we’ve got you covered. Find the perfect speaker for your conference call needs and enjoy clear, natural-sounding sound quality.

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What if Kevin was Home Alone in 2018? Google answers this in a viral video featuring the infamous Home Alone movie but the home is now a smart home. Watch Google’s Home Alone Again and learn what products Kevin uses in his smart home. Classic Christmas Movie The hit movie, Home Alone was originally released …

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Disclosure: Post sponsored by NutriBullet but all opinions are my own. Does your new year include a resolution to get healthy? After our house flooded and we started living in a hotel, we decided to not worry about New Year’s resolutions. With a kitchenette and 6 mouths to feed, we have to eat the majority of our meals …

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Ataribox – sound familiar? Yes, the old school Atari is making a comeback. Our kids could soon be bugging us to buy them an Atari – but don’t worry, this isn’t the Atari of the 80’s! Launching this Fall on Indiegogo, the Ataribox is positioning itself as a PC like gaming experience, but it will come …

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