Hello Facebook Stalker Facebook Cover Photo

Hello Facebook Stalker Facebook Cover Photo

Hello Facebook Stalker – that’s the thought I get every time I look at someone’s Facebook profile that I don’t know. It’s amazing some of the things that people share. Now with the lovely timelines and the Facebook cover photos, you can call out your Facebook stalkers! How? Check out this perfect cover image:

Facebook Stalker Cover Image

That’s right – download your very own HELLO FACEBOOK STALKER Facebook cover photo!

Click Here to Download the Hello Facebook Stalker Facebook Cover Photo

My Facebook cover image was dated so thought this would be funny. After a few requests from non-Facebook stalkers asking if they could use, I figured this would make a good post. Use this as one of your profile pictures for facebook, nothing like letting them KNOW that you they are  stalking…

Facebook Stalkers Should Read This

Speaking of Facebook stalking… did you know Facebook saves search results?  Have you been searching Facebook for an ex-boyfriend or that high school friend that you know stole your favorite dress in 9th grade?  Facebook is saving those searches! Yes, imagine that.  They probably are saving those instant messages to (but I can’t prove that – I am sure some developer is having a hay day somewhere reading thru everyone’s personal deets).

Facebook Stalker Cover Image

Fortunately, you are the only one who can see what you are searching for – but if you leave your Facebook account logged in or if you die (hey, I’m a realist) – there maybe things that you don’t want certain people to know you are Facebook stalking – I mean Facebook searching.

How do you delete your Facebook search history? Easy peasy – just follow these instructions and you’ll be free from forever being branded Facebook Stalker.

Have an idea for other funny Facebook cover photos? Leave them in the comments. I’ll be creating a series of free Facebook cover photos for download and would love to include your ideas in an upcoming post.

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Facebook Birthday Wishes

Facebook Birthday Wishes

birthday wishes on facebook

Facebook birthday wishes, oh how you have to LOVE them.

So yesterday was my birthday. In case I had forgotten – my phone and Facebook reminded me. DING DING DING DING oh just everyone I haven’t talked to since Elementary school dinging my phone wishing me a Happy Birthday on my Facebook wall.

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Facebook!

facebook birthday wishes

It cracks me up how much LOVE you get on your birthday thanks to beloved social media.

I am totally guilty of posting rather than calling on birthdays. I also am someone who clicks the right hand corner of Facebook and drops a birthday wish to add to the Facebook birthday bomb people get on their special day.

Now, if my Dad had Facebook – maybe he would of remembered that it was my birthday – womp womp womp.

Dear Kids, your mom loves you to know end and I am promising you to never forget to call you on your birthday or skype or whatever the future of technology leads us to. Oh, and yes – I am the mom who will be following you online and yes, leave you embarassing Facebook birthday wishes.

Here’s to growing old – cheers!

Are You Guilty of Facebooking Rather than Calling on Birthdays?

Why You Should Be Excited About Facebook Timeline

Why You Should Be Excited About Facebook Timeline

So yes people. Facebook is changing. I know many are freaked out but as a social media junkie – I am super stoked. As a mom of digital kids – I am even more stoked. Why? Because of the Facebook Timeline feature that Facebook introduced at F8.

facebook timeline

What is Facebook Timeline?

Check out this video:


Facebook will create a timeline of the events, photos, videos, etc that you upload to your profile.  As the years go on, you’ll see a timeline to a digital time capsule per se of your life.

Are you excited about the Facebook Timeline yet?

Digital Kids – Staying Connected

Currently Facebook is open to kids 13 and up. Whlie I know many of my kids’ friends are on there, by lying about their age – due to COPPA laws – 13 is the earliest age a member should be.

When I first signed up for Facebook, like so many I talk to – you had the inital smack in your face. It was like everyone you have ever known came crawling out of the wood works to greet you at this magical online hang out. While some people it was really great to reconnect with – there are always a few creepers that have you thinking – why did I accept their friend request! Then there is THAT friend. The friend you knew in elementary school, who you were BFFs with and who’s parents moved them away at a very young age. And since you sucked at writing letters, you guys lost touch and every once in a while you think – I wonder what happened to…

Well the crazy thing is, that scenario may never happen for my kids. As their friends move away, with the digital age they will be able to remain connected.  And with cool features online such as Facebook’s new Timeline feature, someone’s life will be there for you to see.

Privacy Concerns on Facebook

Yes, of course privacy is a concern. With Google + nipping at the heals of Facebook with their cool new, easy to use circles – Facebook knows they must get their act together with privacy.

Facebook Timeline Official Launch

Facebook Timeline officially launches on October 3. But thanks to Tech Crunch you can activate your Facebook timeline now. GIve it a whirl. I still have some tweaking to do, but overall – it’s oh so pretty.

What Are Your Thoughts on Facebook Timeline?

How Young is Too Young for a Facebook Profile?

How Young is Too Young for a Facebook Profile?

how young is too young for facebook?

My daughter Z asked me sign her up for Facebook. In which I quickly replied, NO. I didn’t even think about it.

To her unfair disadvantage, it could easily be that I had just been on Facebook dismayed by a friend’s sad taste in displaying tacky images of herself. But regardless, my then 7-year old wasn’t going to get her own profile.

Since that initial ask (my daughter is VERY persistent), several family members and a few friends with kids her age, have asked “Is Z on Facebook?”. This has had me thinking.

I love Facebook. Sure I complain – mostly about it’s ability to suck time right out from under me – but it has it’s purpose. And that purpose is connecting. Should I keep my 8-year old from that? What if I moderate and set her privacy settings up? I’m personally still not sold on it. Probably because I know my daughter’s smartness and her ability to potentially lock me out from her account.

But something I did think about – what if I had Facebook when I was 8. And what if through the years (minus the good friends and bad friends and the thought of cyber bullying!) – I had been able to keep in touch with them.

Now a days, sure I hate it when a friend moves away, but honestly sometimes with Facebook it’s like they didn’t even move. What if my daughter was able to experience that?

Mark Zuckerburg recently announced he thinks that children under the age of 13 SHOULD be able to use Facebook. As it stands now with COPPA, children under 13 are not permitted on the site (though there are several, with a few simple hacks such as not putting in your child’s REAL birthdate). Mark sees Facebook as an educational opportunity for children.

Zuckerberg said he wants younger kids to be allowed on social networking sites like Facebook. Currently, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) mandates that websites that collect information about users (like Facebook does) aren’t allowed to sign on anyone under the age of 13. But Zuckerberg is determined to change this.

“That will be a fight we take on at some point,” he said. “My philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age.”

But just how would Facebook’s social features be used by younger children?

“Because of the restrictions we haven’t even begun this learning process,” Zuckerberg said. “If they’re lifted then we’d start to learn what works. We’d take a lot of precautions to make sure that they [younger kids] are safe.”

Read more on cnn.com

Image source and read another opinion of kids on Facebook: http://unbiasedreview.org/is-facebook-safe-for-kids/

What Are Your Thoughts? How Young Is TOO Young?