eReaders vs Tablets – Who Wins the Market Share?

eReaders vs Tablets – Who Wins the Market Share?

eReaders vs Tablets

The Apple iPad may have reinvented the tablet, but with a price tag starting at $499 and eReaders dropping in price, it’s no wonder why the eReader is taking gaining in the eReaders vs. Tablets market share?’s Kindle and Barnes and Nobles Nook are more popular than the iPad with consumers according to a new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Last winter, tablets had a slight market lead. According to Pew, as of that time, 7% of U.S. adults owned a tablet computer (such as the iPad or Motorola Mobility’s Xoom), while only 6% owned an e-reader device.

But that picture soon changed drastically. By May, 12% of U.S. adults owned an e-reader, while tablet ownership expanded only to 8%. (Note: the margin of error on this survey is 2%, but that would not challenge the market lead of e-readers.)

This is not an either-or technology choice. Pew noted that 3% of adults own both devices. Specifically, 9% own an e-reader but not a tablet, and 5% own a tablet but not an e-reader. Source:

Working in the publishing industry, we’ve always heard that there is a magic number for eReaders to gain in popularity. (more…)

Ripple Reader – eBook Reader for Children’s Picture Books – Digital Mom Reviews

Ripple Reader – eBook Reader for Children’s Picture Books – Digital Mom Reviews

Children’s Picture eBook Reader for Your Computer (like eBooks on Kindle, iPads and Nooks – but for kids!)

My kids LOVE the computer. If we let them, they could spend HOURS upon HOURS playing games and watching videos. So when I was asked if we’d be interested in reviewing Ripple Reader – I knew this would be a great fit for the kiddos.


We visited – setup an account for myself (parent) and each child. We next downloaded the Ripple Reader application – which is available on PC, Mac and soon iPad. We then let the kids choose a book to read. They chose Hiccupotamus by Aaron Zenes.

After going thru the check-out process, we opened the Ripple Reader app to read the book.

The eBook can be move around the screen. You can virtually flip the eBooks pages. And the feature I LOVE is the ability to record yours or your child’s voice reading the book. You can then replay as you re-read.

The Verdict?

The kids had a blast with this. They loved turning the pages, pointing at the pictures and reading. You would think they were opening a physical book for the first time.

Working in the publishing industry, this application excited me. E-books are great for adults who have e-readers – I wasn’t quite sure how kids would be able to utilize. After seeing the way my kiddos enjoyed the Ripple Reader – I am confident that children’s books in digital formats DO have a future and this is only the beginning.R

Ripple Reader offers children’s picture eBooks on the computer just like eBooks on Kindles, iPads and Nooks. But, Ripple is the first children’s picture eBook store and reader

Ripple believes that eBooks engage kids with important skill building benefits including
•       print concepts,
•       reading readiness,
•       reading comprehension,
•       fluency,
•       vocabulary development, and
•       listening comprehension

Not only that, the recordable feature of the books means that either the child or an adult can narrate the eBook in his or her own voice. Fun!
Kids love having a bookshelf of customizable books on their computer; Parents love buying affordable books for their personal libraries.
There are hundreds of full color children’s picture books in the Ripple Library with more added each week. Parents can download the free Ripple Reader and set up their kids’ accounts in only minutes.

Learn More About Ripple Reader

Check out Ripple Reader – they have books for various age ranges as well as an array of prices.