Samsung ES8000 – It’s Not Just For Adults!

Samsung ES8000 – It’s Not Just For Adults!

smart tv for kids

Samsung ES8000 Smart TV Review

The Samsung ES8000 Smart TV was designed with the family in mind!  In addition to the great features for adults – there was special attention given to creating elements for kids.

With kids ages 9, 7, 2 and 1 – each have varied tastes, but Samsung has thought about everyone when creating this TV.

Your Samsung smart TV will come preloaded with multiple options for entertaining and educating the kids. Check out the Kids icon on your Smart Hub. Don’t think those are your only options! By accessing the Samsung apps, your ES8000 will give you endless options for entertaining your children with both educational and fun programs, games, apps and eBooks. While some apps do cost money, the majority of the apps that we use (and list below) are FREE! (more…)

Toddler Teeth Knocked Out (Or So We Thought!)

Toddler Teeth Knocked Out (Or So We Thought!)

MISSING TODDLER TEETH. Scary thought, right? Wanna know something even scarier – IT HAPPENED TO US. Crazy story that I have to tell you about our toddler, Izaiah. I’ll give you the whole run down, but the Cliff Note’s version is that he knocked his teeth into his GUMS. That’s right, insane. Keep reading… 

Missing Toddler Teeth

OMG, what a week it has been. Well actually, since last Thursday we have been in a downward spiral – grasping at any positive we can get.

teeth knocked into gums

Last Thursday, Izaiah had fallen asleep for his nap on the floor. He hadn’t been feeling well – and anytime this boy will sleep – we take it, even if it means it’s on the floor. And you don’t move him because well – he won’t go back to bed.

I am on the couch talking to our realtor when I hear a blood-curdling scream. I am running thru the house trying to find Izaiah. I find him on the floor of the kitchen, crying. I pick him up, still on the phone and go to tell our realtor I’ll call him back when I notice my arm is covered in blood. Oh the panic in both me and him was too much.

toddler knocked out teeth

It appears that Izaiah was half awake when he went to sit on the chair (something he does several times a day) and fell (which he has done before). Poor buddy!

The first thought I had, was Izaiah must have hit his head. We experienced staples in the head before with E, so immediately jumped to that conclusion. Nope. No bleeding from the head. Oh, he must of bit his lip or tongue. I go to look in his mouth and sheer horror when I see that Izaiah has missing teeth. It looks like 2 or 3 of his teeth are broken off. I am in a state of FREAK OUT at this point.

Fortunately, my husband was working from home and Zeke was napping. We scoured the kitchen floor looking for his teeth – our toddler’s teeth were nowhere to be found.

Teeth Knocked Into His Gums

We made a few phone calls and rushed Izaiah to the pediatric dentist. The pediatric dentist was amazing. There was a room

There was a room set up for us in the back to not disturb other patients. They must have known he can be a screamer. This gave us have privacy while being treated, which for this kid – is essential. 

toddler teeth dentist

Izaiah went thru x-rays to find that his teeth actually were still in his mouth. The white spots that I thought were broken teeth are actually his baby teeth just knocked back into his gums. His gums were just EXTREMELY swollen as well due to the injury.

Boy Injury

Izaiah’s baby teeth were knocked into his gums. They are still there, and what I was seeing when I thought his teeth were knocked out were his teeth. CREEPY. CRAZY. PAINFUL. Yes. Yes and more YES. KNOCKED into his gums is the last thing I could ever imagine.

So if you are the praying type, please say a little prayer for Izaiah.

The dentist explained that the teeth should re-emerge when they want to. He is on antibiotics to help prevent infection. Poor buddy is dealing with this better than I thought but is not liking having to be on a “soft” diet for a week. (He learned the hard way when he snuck a Frito why he shouldn’t eat chips!!)

My poor little boy, with 2 missing front teeth, how my heart hurts for your pain.


Have You Experienced Toddler Teeth Terror?

Toddler Teeth Knocked Out (Or So We Thought!) is part of the Digital Mom Blog series Toddler Talk

Free Printable Angry Birds Invitations

Free Printable Angry Birds Invitations

Looking for a free Angry Birds invitations? Make your kid happy! Throw an Angry Birds party.

This post originally was posted on January 11, 2011 – during the midst of the first Angry Birds craze. Here we are in the summer of 2016 and Angry Birds are BACK, thanks to a new app – Angry Birds 2 and an Angry Birds movie!  We’ve updated this post to include several FREE Angry Birds invitations. We have also included instruction on how you can easily personalize these. 

Free Angry Birds Invitations

I love a good birthday party invitation. Confession: I have good intent, but my timing is always off so I can never put together personalized invites, plus I’m cheap.

FREE Angry Birds InvitationsIf your kid loves Angry Birds as much as mine do,  throw a party and guess what – have I got a treat for you! Download one of these free customizable invites – your guests (and kid!) will love them.

Birthday Printable Invitations

Just download the free printable party invite from the link below or by clicking on the invitation.

Angry Bird Crash The Party Invitation Free

Angry Bird Invitation Fly on Over

birdday (1)

join the flock angry bird invitation


Print out the free Angry Bird printable invite (the size is 5×7), cut, and write in the party details. Or if you want, import into a PDF editor and fill in the details.

Customize the Invites on PicMonkey

You can customize these easily on Picmonkey! Just download the free Angry Birds invites. Go to Picmonkey and import the graphic. You can then customize these with your personal birthday party information. Then download and print. Super simple, FREE and personalized!

These Angry Bird invites use A7 envelopes (5.25″ x 7.25″)

How is that for simple, cheap and stylish? On top of that, you’ll have a happy kid! Everyone wins!

Download Your Free Angry Birds Invitations!

You may need to right-click then save image – to save the printable invite.

PS – share the Pinterest LOVE! Click below to Pin It (thanks you Pinterest Addict, you)

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6 Angry Birds Christmas Lights Show

6 Angry Birds Christmas Lights Show

Angry Birds Christmas Lights – because even Christmas now involves Angry Birds!

angry birds light shows

When I was first sent a link to an Angry Birds Christmas light show, I thought – WOW, that’s funny. Then after some research and a few more links being sent my way – I quickly discovered, this wasn’t just a 1 off! Talk about dedicated fans! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything Angry Birds that appears. If people are getting Angry Birds Tattoos – and painting Angry Bird nail art – surely they would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of time putting up a Christmas light display dedicated to Angry Birds!

6 Fabulous Angry Birds Christmas Light Shows

Round Rock, TX is representing 3 of my favorite things! Angry Birds, Christmas and Pomplamoose!


This light display is an animated Christmas light show playing Angry Birds Level 1 in Irmo, South Carolina.

Help! The pigs are trying to ruin Christmas. Grab the slingshot and fire those birds! From the people who brought you the Guitar Hero Christmas Light game! Running on two computers and 10 Light-o-rama 16 channel controllers uses more than 20,000 lights and less than one cent of electricity per game. Audio is broadcast on 99.1FM, and the controller has a long enough cord for people to play in their cars on the street. Easier than the iPhone version, and bigger too.

Angry Birds Christmas light display @ the Morokia 1st annual tree lighting ceremony. The display was awesome and the family gathered donations (new unwrapped toys) and had hot chocolate and they had the Ice Topia ice cream truck with chocolate frozen banana’s.

Angry birds theme house in Santa Clarita. we were driving by and saw this awesome Christmas light show. Also, we were able to tune in to 99.1 on our FM radio and hear all the sound!

More crazy Angry Birds light fun

Another Angry bird light show – featuring Pomplamoose!

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Angry Birds & Evil Green Pigs Nail Art – Tutorial

Hey Angry Birds fans, here is a way to totally show your love for the game. Get your nail art on Angry Birds style. 

Angry Birds Nail Art Tutorial

Create your own Angry Birds nail art quick and simple with these easy to follow nail art tutorials.

angry birds nail art

My 8-year-old is going to love this! She adores playing Angry Birds and this simple nail art technique will be easy to do on her little nails.  Make your nails into Angry Birds with this Angry Birds nail art design tutorial.

See how easy it is? Now check out the evil green pigs nails!

Evil Green Pigs Nail Art How To

If you are going to show how to do the Angry Birds nail art, you must show how to make your nails into evil green pigs as well! 

evil green pigs nail art

If you are ok with the green pigs, here is how you can get your nails done just like them. This simple nail art tutorial shows you exactly how to go from plain boring nails to crazy Evil Green Pigs nails!

There you have it. Hard core Angry Bird fans, I want to see your Angry Birds nail art! Submit a photo on our Facebook timeline, we cannot wait to see! 

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