Steve Jobs Talks Not Graduating College During Stanford Commencement Speech

steve jobs

I have said it before, I heart Apple. The products amaze me. But one thing I never totally got was Steve Jobs. And then I watched this video.


When Steve Jobs announced he was stepping down at Apple last week, the above speech was tweeted out by someone (sorry whoever, watched on my husband’s phone). I sat and watched it and realized what exactly he has done for technology. While maybe not him alone – it was under his leadership that the way I live and the computer I use to type this very blog – was all because of him.

Sure, I could be using a PC. And maybe carrying an Android, not an iPhone. But how much has the PC and the Android moved ahead because of Apple?

All the Apple Fan Girl speech aside, I have to say the story of Steve Jobs, from being adopted to dropping out of college, to pursuing his heart with Apple and beyond – is an inspiration.

Thank you Steve Jobs. You are in our prayers. God speed!

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  • Betsy Mitchell

    Thanks for sharing. Great speech!

    • DiGTiAL MOM


  • Momfish

    I love when he talks about not being able to connect the dots by looking forward, only by looking back. That’s such a great point most people fail to grasp. 

    • DiGTiAL MOM

      <3 that!

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