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Starbucks App Review

This week is COFFEE WEEK and if you know me, you know my obsession with coffee! It’s really a sad sad addiction, but as a mom of 4 it keeps me going.

Oh coffee, how I love thee! While my typical morning involves a cup from the Keurig, anytime I am out and about needing my fix Starbucks in my answer. Sure, there maybe better coffee but with 4 kids, a coffee shop with a drive-thru is AWESOME.

If you too are a fan of Starbucks, and haven’t downloaded their app you need to! Unlike some apps that sit unused on my iPhone for ages, this app is loaded. It has fabulous features that will keep you connected to your favorite coffee brand at all times.

While on a road trip last year, my husband and I discovered the Starbucks app. We were in Arkansas where Starbucks are few and far between compared to Texas. The app led us to the closest Starbucks, which may have been 30 miles out of the way, but when you need coffee you NEED coffee. Since then Starbucks has continued development to create a useful app.

Starbucks App Review

If you aren’t a Starbucks Rewards member, make sure to sign up. You can save money on additives as well as earn free drinks (hello, free birthday coffee!).

The app retrieves your current location and then finds and directs you to the closest Starbucks!