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Is Your Smart Phone Stressing You Out?

Smart phone stress is real, yall.

For the love of my iPhone. Since the first meeting of my iPhone, we had an instant love connection. It was a thing of beauty.

smart phone stress

Smart Phone Stress

A new study reveals that your smart phone can increase stress. From Huffington Post:

The reason, as HealthDay explains, is that smartphones produce “a relentless need to immediately review and respond to each and every incoming message, alert or bing.”

The stress gets so bad for some users that they actually begin to feel phantom vibrations, thinking their phone is buzzing when it isn’t.

“Smart phone use is increasing at a rapid rate and we are likely to see an associated increase in stress from social networking,” the study’s leader, Richard Balding of the University of Worcester told the Telegraph

I have noticed this over the course of the last few months. When I worked in corporate America, my phone dinged or vibrated non-stop. Between my work email, blog email, personal email and side work email – it was relentless. I felt bad not answering the ding, I mean someone needed something most of the time, right?

After enjoying the reduction of emails after quitting my job (I received over 200 a day), last month I cut ties with my personal email and my iPhone. So now the only emails that reside on my phone are blog and side work. While the ding is still there, I have made it a point to not answer if the answer requires more than 2 sentences.

Making these changes has most definitely changed how I interact with my phone. Sure, I still play the occasional game, Instagram or Facebook – but those are leisure. The stress component is gone, and that I love.

Does Your Smart Phone Stress You Out?

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Monday 22nd of April 2013

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