Use Christmas Card Photos for Your Phone Contacts

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christmas card photos as contacts

How’s this for an AH HA idea. Complete your smart phone contact list with photos of your friends from their Christmas cards.

update your smart phone contact photos

If you are a visual like myself, the smart phone contact list could be your best friend. Whenever I see my friend Mel’s name pop into my iPhone – while we’ve been friends for years, my head automatically does a search of my memory for a photo in my mental Rolodex. All because I don’t have a photo. With a photo, you see a lovely photo of your friend who is calling.

Who sends bad photos of themselves?  Who sends photos of themselves that they think are bad? Rather than finding all of your friends to take a photo – why not just use photo Christmas cards that are mailed to you? Yes, some phones update photos automatically from applications such as Facebook – but if you are friends with me, that means you have a photo of my kid.

Before you know it, your nice friends who send you photo Christmas cards will now appear on your phone when they call.

Thanks Pinterest for the fabulous idea!

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