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5 Tips for Kids Summer Clothes Shopping

The winter clothes are up and shopping for summer clothes is in full gear.  With 4 kids that are growing like weeds, there never seems to be a season that we can make it thru without having to buy kids clothes. That would be too easy, right?

If you are shopping for summer clothes for kids, check out these 5 tips to help you get the most out of your kids’ summer clothing.

5 Tips for Kids Summer Clothes Shopping

1. Shop Year Round

I am constantly shopping for good deals and have no qualms buying jeans a size larger than my kid wears even though I know he won’t be wearing them for 9 months. I buy bathing suits for 70-90% off come the first of Fall. Always check the clearance racks and don’t be afraid to buy ahead.  Anything that doesn’t end up fitting, donate!

2. Buy Clothes That You Can Mix and Match

I am so over matchy matchy outfits. 4 kids, I just want them to look decent.  Find shorts your kid can wear with multiple things.  It’s one of the reasons I am adoring these cut-offs shorts P.S. from Aeropostale sent over to the boys.

3. Watch Sales

A sale is a sale is a sale. Paying full price is for the birds. If there is some summer clothing piece you must have for your kid, just wait – it will go on sale.  I use to have a major Gymboree addiction, but knew if I would just wait the Circle of Friends sale would come around and I wouldn’t be stuck paying full price!

4. Find Clothes That Will Wear Into Fall

Short sleeves are year-round here in Texas.  I try to avoid buying items that date the season (well, okay, there are a few season/holidays that I do buy for) — ex. beach themed shirts are summery – Super Hero shirts you can wear all year long.

5. Keep it Simple

Keep it simple is my motto now that I have 4 kids. No longer do we buy clothes that require ironing because, well they won’t get ironed ever. This mom does NOT iron!  When Z was a little girl, she had all of these adorable dresses but never wore them more than once.  3 kids later, you will find few clothes that require ironing or special wash in this house.

Summer Clothes for Kids

Our friends at P.S. from Aéropostale sent the kids over some new summer clothes from their summer line. How cute are these clothes?

The boys love them some super heroes and the adorable cut-off jean shorts go with everything!

Our daughter, Z is wearing the solid vertical ruffle dress and the leopard studs plastic wayfarer sunglasses.

Share Your Best Favorite Kids Summer Clothing Shopping Tip?