My Kids Were Sentenced to Hard Labor

I sentenced my kids to hard labor

Sorry kids, you are grounded and sentenced to hard labor. Today is the first day this summer in which the older kids went completely over the top obnoxious to the point of being grounded. While I am sure the heat is to blame (it’s nearing 100 degrees here in Texas), this mom had to put her foot down.

We’re trying something new as far as what being grounded means this time around. Typically being grounded means we take away their electronics for a certain amount of time, between 1-5 days. It being summer, these are LONG days for both them and us so rather than setting an amount of time – we’re flipping the tables and sentencing them to hard labor.

Sentencing the Kids to Hard Labor

So here is the deal, we have 6 people in this house and that is a WHOLE LOT of laundry.  I confess, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve done laundry. That much laundry takes me a good 6 hours to wash and 2-3 hours to fold.

So here is the deal. As soon as the kids get all of our family’s laundry done – they are no longer grounded. They can use their electronics after all of the family’s laundry is done.

Win win? I think so. I know they won’t do the laundry like I would – but you know what? This mom could use a break and if that means fixing a few hangers or moving a few clothes to the right room – I’ll do it.

How Do You Deal With Punishment and Your Kids?

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