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Screen Free Sundays – 5 Things We’ve Learned By Taking Away Our Kids Electronics One Day a Week

Screen Free Sundays are a nearly weekly occurrence. I’ll admit, some Sundays, I just flat out forget until 5:00 pm hits and I am screaming NO ELECTRONICS! Then there are the days when we are in the car, and let’s face it – screens and cars are a God-send for parents.

Screen Free Sundays

I write about technology, I love technology, we have made our house a fairly smart house full of tech. All that said, I’ve learned that there are limits, there must be – especially with kids.

screen free sundays parenting
screen free sundays – limiting screen time

Taking this ONE day a week to exhale, to pause from screens and to let the kids be KIDS has been a game changer. Here is what we learned by doing screen free Sundays: 

Lessons Learned from Kids With No Screens

Here are 5 things we’ve learned by taking away our kids’ screens for just one day a week.

1. Your Kids WILL Calm Down

The initial shock of no electronics is well, melt-down inducing. Yes, the kids throw a massive fit when they hear that there are no electronics for the day. Good news, THEY WILL GET OVER IT.

Our third child went and gathered all of the electronics (and a computer cord) – to ensure that he isn’t the only child who didn’t have a screen. If he wasn’t going to have his iPad, NO ONE was going to have their electronics.

screen free sundays no electronics
no electronics on screen free sunday

Yesterday, the Texas weather was actually glorious. We threw them outside, they ran, swam, swinged, played and required aloe vera due to a slight sunburn.

2. Meet Your Siblings

Our bedroom has a window to the backyard. Sunday requires rest, and as I laid in bed reading – I could hear the boys outside.

  • They were hatching a plan to make a parkour course.
  • They conspired to remove a swing, move a bench and get from one side of the swing set to the other.  
  • They were TALKING.

With screens, the only talking that our kids do to each other is yelling when someone does something in someone’s Minecraft world that they aren’t suppose to. (How is Minecraft STILL a thing! These boys STILL adore that game!)

3. Remember THOSE Toys

After coming in from a long day of play, Izaiah went and grabbed his LEGO box. LEGOs, remember those things? Later in the day he wanted to play outside with Playdoh.

We have a playroom full of toys, but the toys that get played with the most? ELECTRONICS.

4. RELEASE The Energy and Sleep Well, Boys

With 3 growing boys, the energy in this house is intense. From the non-stop action of actual play, and not sitting on a couch with a computer or iPad – these boys are TIRED come sundown.

Showers are most definitely required on Screen Free Sundays.  Bedtimes are firm on Sunday night, because hello Monday morning – but these boys, have NO problems sleeping after a full days play.

5. Kids Need to Be Kids

I had a great night out with a childhood friend this past weekend. I’ve been a computer nerd since my parent’s first got a computer when I was around 11 or 12 years old.

We both now have kids and the topic of our childhood came up. “Remember when we just use to run and play.” “Oh, but Molly you were always on the computer.” HA. I was.

Kids need to be kids. Yes, that does mean that they will have electronics. They will spend a large amount of time behind a screen. It is 2017. Our world is more screen-focused than ever.

One day, just ONE day a week – we are saying no to the new norm of screens. We are making them play, talk and interact with their siblings and enjoying life without a focus on technology.

I want my kids to know the world. They will know and own technology. Screens are a requirement to function. You can’t not know how to use a computer these days. But Screen Free Sundays, they are my favorite.

How Often Do Your Kids Go Screen Free?

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