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Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival – Waxahachie, TX

Scarborough Faire is a renassiance festival in Waxahachie, TX. It runs from April through May, weekends and Memorial Day Monday – 10 AM to 7 PM.

Our family was offered tickets, so that we could share this experience with you. The Waxahachie renaissance festival, Scarborough Faire is something I had visited several times as a child so was fun to relive it, this time with my kids and husband.

scarborough faire renaissance festival

Saturday was one of those days of well intent. We planned on picking our daughter up from a lock-in and heading out early to beat the heat. Yeah, that didn’t happen. We headed out to Waxahachie, TX late – it’s about 30-minutes south of Dallas.

The kids had only been fed Kind bars and I was feeling the stress realizing that the toddlers hadn’t napped and our daughter had barely slept the night before. Thankfully all of my concerns were nothing and we had a fabulous day at the faire.

What to Expect at Scarborough Faire

Imagine being whisked away to a village set in the renaissance era. Scarborough Faire is like taking a trip back into time.

A Renaissance Festival

There are numerous people, both workers and attendees playing various roles – setting the stage for your visit. From the way they talk to mannerisms, you will find people take this renaissance festival seriously!

scarborough faire what to expect

There are numerous shops and activities to do through-out your visit.  Some of the activities are free, others you pay for.

My daughter’s favorite find was her flower headdress. She said she felt like she fit in more with it. Next time, we will make sure she is in costume, she had so much fun and loved the role-play aspect of the festival.

scarborough faire flower head band


scarborough faire wagon rental

I wasn’t sure how our boys would do, but honestly was blown away at the fun they had. Everyone was super kind and there were so many things for them to do and see.

The first thing we did was rent them a “Dragon Wagon”.  It was $2.50 an hour, with a minimal security deposit (and they accepted credit cards.) This allowed them shade and the ability to jump in and out as their legs got tired. Our youngest spent most of his time in here, just eating grapes and chilling. It was nice to have a spot for them – as there is a LOT of walking.

What to Know Before You Go

As I mentioned there is a LOT of walking. Wear shoes that will allow you to walk on dirt. I would recommend against flip flops or sandals.

Bring sunscreen as it is HOT. The villages at Scarborough Faire do offer shade, but still – it’s hot.

There are numerous food vendors through out the festival. You can find everything from turkey legs (my kids favorite) to sweet potatoes (my favorite) to fresh fruit (which was great for a late snack).

scarborough faire renaissance festival food

Cell phone reception is spotty. Make sure that you have a meet-up spot, should you get separated from your family.

Buy a $3 program at the entrance. This will have a map and a schedule of all activities. Speaking of schedule.

PLAN. There is so much to do and see, and several things are done only at certain times. Keep reading, to see what you need to see!

First Aid is near the front entrance. We had a minor incident with our toddler getting too curious and hitting his head. They supplied an ice pack immediately. This is just one of those, good to know things – especially when bringing kids.

scarborough faire first aid

Plan to See and Do

As I was saying, PLAN! We missed a few things, but here are some activities you will not want to miss!

Fire Juggler – WOW. Yes, he is on a ladder. 

scarborough faire renaissance festival fire juggler

Jousting – This is held several times through-out the day. Something to note, it’s violent (fake blood and all!)

scarborough faire jousting

Music – You will find music through-out. Stop and enjoy the sounds!

scarborough faire renaissance festival music

Sword Lessons – This is a fun activity for the kids!

Glass Blower – Another neat experience!

scarborough faire glass blower

Wooden Horse Jousting – I remember riding this as a child! Each of our kids loved this. You ride the horse down a track and try to hit a shield with a fake sword.

scarborough faire jousting horse

May Pole

Hair Braiding – This starts at around $20. The “twisted sisters” have numerous styles for you to choose from.

Archery – The older kids shot arrow into targets in the hay. It was a fun experience, something they had never done before!

scarborough faire archery

Wax Hands – If you have ever had wax hands made at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival – it’s something you never forget!

Turtle Race – This is silly, but my 9-year-old still raves about this.

scarborough faire turtle racing

Where is Scarborough Faire

Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival
2511 Farm to Market 66
Waxahachie, TX 75167

All 6 members of our family enjoyed the faire. Each of our kids has talked about the faire over the past week. The experience was educational, fun and something we definitely look forward to going to again.

scarborough faire kids

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