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Saying NO To Mindless TV!

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With kid #1 and kid #2, the first few months were spent holed up in the bedroom watching mindless TV in a sleepless induced trance. I jokingly told my husband a few months ago, PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ME TO GET HOOKED ON SOAPS AGAIN when the baby arrives.

Well here we are. Bambino has arrived. Our bedroom looks like a make-shift nursery with pack and play, swing and boppy laying next to me. I refuse to give into you mindless afternoon television. I watched enough stupid court television in the hospital last week – to know that this is not how I will be spending the next several weeks off from work.

Mindless TV

Seth Godin *cue music that signifies AWESOMENESS* wrote a fabulous post on “But it’s better than TV”. I am so glad I found this. Here are Seth’s suggestions on what to do, rather than tuning in:

    • Run a little store on eBay
    • Write a daily blog
    • Write a novel
    • Start an online community about your favorite passion
    • Go to meetups in your town
    • Volunteer to tutor a kid, in person or online
    • Learn a new language, verbal or programming
    • Write hand written thank you notes each evening to people who helped you out or did a good job
    • Produce small films and publish them online
    • Listen to the one thousand most important operas
    • Read a book or two every evening
    • Play a game of Scrabble with your family

None of them are perfect. Each of them are better than TV.

It’s only the 2nd week of maternity leave, but I want to make sure when I’m not bonding and spending time with baby that the time is spent well.

  • I’ve committed to blogging regularly
  • Bargain Mama will come out of her sabatical
  • I’ve created a list of new blogs to tune into with various interests, not just work-related
  • I plan on learning Magento and Buddy Press – I can’t let my geek skills die out while I’m off of work!
  • I’ve volunteered for the web team at church
  • I WILL finish these 2 books sitting on my nightstand
  • Rather than Scrabble – i’ll play Words With Friends with my family and friends (but not over-do it. 10 games maximum open at once!)
  • I’ll schedule time to catch up with my stay at home friends
  • I’ve cracked out the camera and plan to capture as many moments as I can with this little fellow before he grows up!


But most important I plan on spending time with this little heart melter and my other 2 lovies. It’s weird but wonderful being able to set new priorities in my life outside of the rat race and the daily grind of work. As much as I have a passion for my career, I must make sure my priorities are in order, mindless daytime television not being one of them!

RANDOM FACT: Judge Judy’s salary is $45 million a year. Maybe rather than watching her, I should figure out how to become her. $45 million… wowzerz.

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