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Samsung ES8000 – Motion Controls – Look Mom No Remote Needed!

samsung es8000 motion control
Samsung launched a new series of TVs in 2012 that redefines everything you thought a smart TV was. This TV pretty much dances, sings and stomps over any other television that I’ve ever seen.

What makes this TV so special and why do I keep calling it smart?

From the amazing picture, 3D capabilities, voice recognition (yes, you can talk to it!), built-in camera, apps (holy moly) and motion controls this TV will have your other TVs crying and feeling less adequate.

motion controls

Motion controls so easy my 7 year old can do it!

We will be going thru various features and “dance moves” as I like to call them, but this week let’s talk about the motion control features. TOTAL SWEETNESS.

Motion Controls on Samsung ES8000

Look Moms, no remote needed! Well not totally, but for the most part! The Samsung ES8000 features motion controls that enable you to use your hands to navigate various functions of the television. I have found this feature best used when browsing the Smart Hub.

*Smart Hub – Think of this as your dashboards to all of your smart tv apps. Yes, you read that right. I told you this tv was smart. More on this later.

How to Use Motion Controls

Enabling the motion control function is super easy.  With the built-in camera on the top of the television, the ES8000 can recognize that you want to use this feature by simply waiving your hand from left to right with your palm open.

Here is more on information on motion controls and how they work:

Our couch is set back approximately 8 feet from our television and find that this is the best angle to use this with.  Another thing to note, is make sure the sun isn’t glaring in.

A big thanks to Samsung TV for sponsoring this campaign. 

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