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Road Trip to Austin, Texas

This past weekend we took a little road trip down south to Austin to see the Grandma and Grandpa. As always, Austin did nothing but show us love!

Road Trip to Austin, TX

As you may notice, we venture south to the great city of Austin, TX often. So much so, I often have PR people contacting me about “local opportunities in Austin, TX for bloggers”. Oh, someday honey, we will be there – but for now we are Dallasites with a heart for Austin.

Check out our list of things to do with kids in Austin, Texas!

This was our first road trip with 4 kids. Since our new baby arrived 3 months ago, we haven’t ventured outside of Dallas.  So we packed up the 4 kids, and our electronics to keep us all happy for the road. And off we went.

Mobile Office – Blogging from the Road

Knowing the kids would be home all week, I was able to setup a mobile office to try to get ahead on this week’s work.

Mobile office

We purchased the hotspot plan through Verizon and I have to say, I was impressed! The kids and myself LOVED having wifi the entire trip!

The Czech Stop in West, TX

One of our favorite stops along the way is the Czech Stop. This little hole in the wall is located in West, TX at exit 353 off of I-35 and is known for their kolaches.

| Road Trip to Austin, Texas

It’s located next to a gas station (actually the gas station sell their stuff as well.) They have just about anything you can imagine kolache wise. Rumor has it, these puppies don’t have calories! HA!

When near Waco, you must visit Magnolia Market – view a Magnolia Market Tour.

Them Crazy Kids

The kids were crazy, as always. The baby made it fine compared to the toddler.

car craziness with kids on a road trip

We had a small situation with not having enough room in our newish car. The hubs thought we could use the roof rack, but we needed to order a part. Long story short, going without a pack and play can lead to toddlers staying up until 5:30 am. Fortunately he was in a great mood, extremely silly and absolutely delirious!

The toddler refused to sleep!

Here Izaiah is, just smiling and laughing saying “CHEESE!”. While mommy said “SLEEP!” He won.

Things to Do with Kids in Austin, TX – Our Fave Foodie Spots

This trip was short, but 2 places that we always go to when in town are Momokos for Bubble Tea (Coconut milk tea, yes please.) Momokos has since gone out of business! TRAGIC.

momokos bubble tea in Austin

One of my favorite Austin restaurants that we regular when ATX is Magnolia Cafe for some hippy grub.

magnolia cafe in austin texas

Some how we still manage to go out to eat. Even though we require 2 high chairs, 3 kid menus, LOTS of crayons and patience (from both us and the waiter!).

Our Crazy fam at magnolia cafe in austin texas

Visiting Family

We were able to visit with family and spend enough time with them for them to appreciate us leaving (kidding!). Everyone at my mother-in-law’s house, with the exception of her husband are night owls. And by night owls, we are talking 4 am is the typical bed time for everyone.

The kids played games non-stop and enjoyed their Uncle Sky.

grandma and zeke

Great Grandma met the newest little one Zeke and enjoyed his innocence while Izaiah had a melt down from not sleeping.

It was a quick but wonderful trip. Now to enjoy my bed, no toddler screaming, my happy baby and kids who have NO school this week. No school means no waking up early for me, YAY!

Now to decorate for Christmas and prep for Thanksgiving.

What Are You Doing This Thanksgiving Week?