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How to Road Trip Each of the Lower 48 States in 124 Hours

Have you ever wanted to say you’ve been to all 48 lower states? You won’t be in every state for very long but if you are bound and determined to road trip to the lower 48 states, here is how you can do it – in just 124 hours. 

Road Trip Lower 48 States

Check out this crazy map and find out how you can road trip the lower 48 states in just 124 hours.

road trip lower 48 states in 124 hours

How Many Miles?

The complete road trip route for visiting all of the states is 6,813 miles. Talk about a DRIVE! The route has you starting at South Berwick, Maine and ending in Taft, Montana. You will pass thru each state (ever so briefly) and even visit the District of Columbia.

Take it to complete this trip in 124 hours, it would help if you had a huge stock-pile of 5 hour energy drinks, a few people in the car that don’t annoy you, who can drive and don’t need to know how to hold their urine – because even though Data Pointed did calculate some time to stop in the 124 hours – time is ticking.

Bucket List Road Trip – Visit Lower 48 States

This sounds like a fun bucket-list idea: visiting all lower 48 states via a family road trip. While I get the idea of this route is just in theory – who can go to all of these states and not enjoy more of California or drive up the coast of Oregon or see the beaches in Florida?!

Data Pointed has come up with a road trip route that allows you to travel each of the states (to some degree, you won’t be in each state for very long!)

Listen, I love me a road trip, but the thing is – I like road trips so I can stop and SEE ALL THE THINGS. No seriously, like my kids hate traveling with me because I have total squirrel syndrome while on the road. OH SHINY STATUE, WE ARE SO THERE. As fun as this would be, I’d have to do it in maybe 124 days, not 124 hours. 

Would You Try This Drive?