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Red Ribbon Week Fail

Somedays I look in the mirror and think to myself WHAT THE HELL went wrong. I have accepted that I’m not perfect and am totally great with being an okay mom. Let’s get back to my WTH moment.

If you have kids in grade school, chances are your child’s school celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week started in 1985 and provides education and drug awareness to our kids. At our school, each day in Red Ribbon Week – the kids were given a fun activity to do. One day they wear red shirts, there was a “Put a Lid on Drugs!”  which has your child wearing their favorite hat to school. It’s all meant in good fun while sharing a worthwhile message.

red ribbon week

The weekend before Red Ribbon Week we had visited my dad. My father is the king of random promotional items. From koozies to promotional buttons – my dad has them. Every time we leave his place, he is always giving my kids random crap to bring home. This weekend wasn’t any different. They left with a handful of “goodies” – I didn’t think anything about it. WRONG WRONG MAJOR WRONG.

Red Ribbon Week came and went. On Friday we get a folder from the kid’s school. I was rummaging through our 3rd graders backpack when I found a lanyard with my kid’s ID on it. The kids wear these all school day, but typically leave them at school. I pulled out the lanyard and well – it was red…. “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS???” 

red ribbon week

That’s right – my dad gave my kid a BACARDI lanyard that he wore all Red Ribbon Week. It was red…. Thank God it wasn’t something with pot leafs or something. You KNOW teachers were cracking up, I can’t believe no one said anything!

I DIE. What do I even say about this? Other than, I MUST check ALL crap that my dad gives my kids.

I love me some Bacardi, in private when the kids are asleep – but in no way would I ever let me kids wear this. #EggInFace

Life happens. Kids wear Bacardi lanyards to school. Somedays or weeks, I just can’t win. It’s all apart of the journey as a mom.