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Recap: Savor Dallas

This was our second year to “Savor Dallas” and I have to say – it was NOT a disappointment. I would say this year was even better than the last time we attended 2 years ago. Let’s talk Savor Dallas.

savor dallas

We had a group of friends that attended with us. While I love a good date night, Savor Dallas was totally fun to do as a group. The men wanted whiskey and the girls wanted wine. We were able to try different foods and drinks, learn about new restaurants and experience a great night away from the kids. (This Petit Guiraud was my favorite wine of the night!)

petit guiraud

In order to be able to safely enjoy the evening, we did Uber a ride. We have had bad luck with Uber, but alas we got to the hotel safe and sound.

Since we live a ways from downtown Dallas and had an event on Sunday, we got a room at the Hyatt Regency. The Hyatt Regency in Dallas is in a great location to local attractions. The room was nice, but we did get a nice wake-up call (not.) The fire alarms were being tested all morning. Nothing says WAKE UP – like a fire alarm test.

hyatt regency dallas

Cafe Momentum

Sunday morning we made our way over to Cafe Momentum. I had never been before and was anxious to learn what a Savor Dallas Community Brunch entailed.


But first, let’s talk about Cafe Momentum in Dallas. If you have not been here, GO. Book your reservations now for Thursday – Saturday. This restaurant is a non-profit cafe that helps troubled youth – specifically those who have been incarcerated an internship. You will have young guys who are working to turn their life around serving you. I heard a few stories from the boys directly that just made me weepy eyed. These are boys that want to be good men. Cafe Momentum gives them the stepping stone to do just that. GO. And now, about that community brunch.

Savor Dallas Community Brunch

The Community Brunch lasted from 11-2. We were there for 2 hours and flat out blown away. We sat at tables and the food was served family style. We were entertained by a gospel choir and then a folk band. We sipped on the most delicious coffee from Community Coffee (get their cafe mocha – it’s amazing!)  I am someone who just is hesitant about tasting new foods. Everything I tried, which I tried pretty much everything – was out of this world.

cafe momentum

The only thing that would of topped it off would be sitting with friends, but even without them – we met a number of folks that were just good people and fun to talk to.


Thank you Savor for a fantastic weekend! And to Grandma for giving us 20 child-free hours. We haven’t had that in over a year. It was great to enjoy friends, great food and no tantrums!