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R.I.P. My Dearest iPhone

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Mad, sad and gloomy. For the last 11 days, I’ve not only been fighting off bronchitis – but grieving the loss of my iPhone.  It’s all so silly –  it makes me want to pull out my hair.

| R.I.P. My Dearest iPhone

I somehow lost my iPhone between my car and my house on December 10th. It’s no where to be found. I am devastated. I’ve retraced my steps a millions times.

Thursday, December 10th.

  • Left work at 4 pm
  • Went to Care Now to see Dr
  • Picked up Z
  • Dropped Z off with Sean
  • Went to Taco Bell
  • Called Stephanie (7:04 – checked cell records)
  • Pulled into the house
  • Brought stuff in
  • Ate dinner
  • Fell asleep at 7:30 pm (hey, i’m knocked up and sick – leave me alone!)

I woke up the next morning – went to take E to the sitter and couldn’t find my phone. Looked high and low – no where.

We’ve had the house cleaner come – she didn’t find it. The car has been strip searched – no where. Sean went thru trash cans, nothing. The kids have been bribed with cash to either fess up or find it – no consequences, just give me my phone! Nope, nada, zilch, blah.  I am at a loss.

It’s weird being disconnected. I haven’t talked to my sister but twice in the last 11 days. We usually talk daily.  I’m getting desperate for a phone – so much so i’m charging my Z’s pre-paid phone up with minutes so I can use and have some connection to the outside world.

I am so mad at myself, this is totally my fault and my brain just is skipping where I put this stupid phone down. I KNOW I was in the car when I talked to Stephanie! The cell records prove no one has used it. 11 days, now and I am trying to reconcile with the fact that it’s gone. My digital world has vanished. If I hadn’t been so down and out the last week and a half I probably would be more depressed about it.

And the thing that’s salt in the wound? All these stupid iPhone commercials! I want to cry every time I see one (which is at least once an hour).

Crying myself a river of self-pity. I hate being materialistic, but it’s my new iPhone that I’d only had for a little over a month! I know there is a lesson to learn from this. I’m just not listening right now.

iPhone, if you can read this – I miss you. Come home.

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Simply Cintia

Monday 21st of December 2009

I'm sorry about your loss!

Simply Cintia

Monday 21st of December 2009

I'm sorry about your loss!


Monday 21st of December 2009

I lost my wedding ring for two years but I finally found it - miracles happen. iphone, phone home!