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We are always up for some family fun in the DFW area and are stoked to tell you about the latest show to come to town. If you have been in Arlington lately, perhaps you noticed the pyramids erected near Globe Life Park. The Arlington pyramids are home to PY1 – which hosts multiple shows from the creator of Cirque de Soleil

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We attended the show on January 12, so have revised this post to include our PY1 review.

Stella – The Time Machine Journey Review

Stella – The Time Machine Journey ™ is a family-friendly show for kids ages 3+ and has something for the entire family.


Stella encourages kids and families to move and dance together in the biggest time machine ever built, and promises an unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

550 Convention Center Drive
Arlington, TX

Pyramids are in the parking lot of the Texas Rangers Stadium.

Stella – The Time Machine Journey ™ is performing on Saturdays and Sundays until February 1.

Experiencing Stella – PY1 Review

Our family had the opportunity to preview Stella and The Time Machine and thought I would give you a full PY1 review so that you know what to expect.

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There are actually multiple shows happening at PY1 – the Stella show is the family friendly experience. I do think the word experience is the best word to describe the event. It isn’t just a show, nothing like a Cirque show that features acrobats. This was a different experience.


Once arriving at PY1, you will enter the pyramids at show time. There are 2 waiting areas featuring a light feature. At show time you are guided into the “arena” or main pyramid where will experience Stella.

Unique Seating

While there are benches and sofa type seating around the perimeter, you can grab a UP CLOSE seat (think front row!) on a tiny bean bag like seat on the ground. Before you scratch your head – let me tell you, as someone with back issues – I had no problem sitting for the 45 minute show.

Time Machine

In the middle of the round stage is Stella. Stella reminds me of the Venus fly trap in Little Shop of Horrors, but alas she is a time machine. There are 3 dancers that dance and guide you thru the show, just a few feet in front of you.

Here is the deal. The pyramid walls act as a screens. Stella guides you thru a story, where she takes you back in a time machine. The lasers, music and movement – yes movement, you feel as if you are apart of the story.


The entire show, I kept thinking I wish they would license Pink Floyd and re-do this featuring Another Brick in the Wall. It was very psychedelic and sensory overload – but NOT too much.

Sensory Processing Disorder

One of our kids is functioning autistic and has SPD (sensory processing disorder.) I was honestly worried, as during church service during Christmas – he couldn’t handle the environment. He had NO issues though during the Stella show! He got up and danced. The seating let him wiggle, which is something he can’t help but do.

We took all 4 of the kids and made it a family fun day. Our kids are 16, 14, 9 and 8-years-old and can say each walked away enjoying the show.

Kids and adults are encouraged to dance, to get up and to move. I really wasn’t sure what we were getting into, not that I doubted it wouldn’t be fun – but it was very well done in creating a engaging family experience like nothing we have ever done before.

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