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Sometimes Life Throws You a PUG

It was November 5th last year, our sweet pug named Animal was 14 years old. That night, our dog died. He passed away in his sleep. He had issues for a while. We KNEW it was coming, we had discussed the end to his story with the kids- but with death, there can never be enough preparation.

We Got a Pug Puppy

We knew when the time was right, we’d get another Pug. There’s something about these little snot faced creatures that melts our hearts and just works with our quirky family.

Pug puppy photos

On the 6 month anniversary of Animal’s passing, our Z turned 11 and we also welcomed the arrival of the newest member of our family, a PUG. WARNING: This post contains many adorable cute pug puppy photos.

Tiny Pug Puppy

He is TINY – like MAYBE 2 pounds. He snorts, sleeps, eats and plays then repeats the cycle. And he has all of our hearts. I cried so many times just holding this little thing. He brings back so many memories of my other sweet pug, and I can’t wait to make new ones with this one.

Cross-eyed Dog

Yes, cross-eyed pugs are totally normal. He can look at me and my husband at the same time. How awesome is THAT?

cute pug puppy

I’d love to tell you his name, but honestly – we have yet to name him. We all call him something different and we are working to unify that to ONE name – poor guy has enough going on – he just needs a NAME sheesh.

pug blogging

Part of the problem is something that has caught me totally off guard. Our toddlers think this dog is Animal. We have explained many times (MANY TIMES) that Animal is in heaven with Jesus. Our toddlers, especially Izaiah IS NOT BUYING IT.

He thinks the doctor made Animal little and gave us BABY ANIMAL. It’s so sweet, innocent and sad at the same time. Baby Animal. Little Animal. NO THIS IS A NEW DOG! So there is just part of the naming issue.

Other than that – it’s like we have a newborn around here. Puppies are JUST LIKE NEWBORNS, okay not really but you do experience sleep deprivation, co-sleeping and the whole feed every so many hours.

I WILL SAY that taking your puppy to Petsmart is JUST  like taking your newborn to Babies R Us. You will get plenty of coo’s – I found the irony quite hilarious.

Pug Puppies Are the Cutest Dogs Ever

I’ll let you know when we name him, which will hopefully be soon. Nameless puppy who is called a million names can’t go on for too much longer… I hope.

pug puppy sleeping

I’ll open him up an Instagram then because OMG, PUG PUPPIES ARE THE CUTEST PEOPLE – and seriously I feel weird saturating my personal feed with dog photos, but see above sentence about pug puppies being the cutest.

animal the pug

Who knew a furry creature could melt so many hearts?