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Working for a publisher, we are keenly aware of the changes to the industry. Content is king and finding ways to repurpose beyond the standard book is the future.

What is the new frontier of publishing? Digital. Here are a few avenues revolutionizing the industry:

Video + Book = Vook


California-based start-up Vook, integrates text, video and social networking to deliver a new entertainment experience.

Vooks are available both online and as a mobile app. The book-video hybrid features feature short video clips, produced exclusively for each title within the digital text. The videos are designed to enhance the story, advance the plot in fiction titles and add depth to practical information offered by non-fiction publications, offering visual how-to’s such as cooking demonstrations. The online Vook Reader allows readers to interact with each other via inbuilt social media functions.

My hero Seth Godin wrote about platform change here – as well as Vooks. His book Unleashing the Ideavirus is available on the Vook.

On Demand Printing

Imagine the possibilities with this machine.



Retail locations can use this to print backstock or current inventory. This eliminates inventory costs and needed retail space.

Book Fairs

My 6 year olds school had a book fair which travels from school to school. While I know the retail benefit of having an actual physical product – but can see people purchasing just to see this machine in action. Books could be customized on-site with the child’s name which would totally win the kids and parents over.


MOMMY FAIL. I admit. Last year time flew by and I didn’t get my daughter’s money in for her yearbook. Therefore my child will not have a yearbook from her Kindergarten year. After seeing this and knowing the condition of the yearbooks I have from when I was a child – I would so pay a premium to even have a soft cover version of the yearbook. I can see a huge market for back-dated yearbooks being offered and published via on-demand printing.


Essentially you could run a whole ecommerce store with this machine. By offering niche products – OR by offering self-publishing you would virtually need no warehouse and have little to no inventory.

eReaders and iPad


We’ve seen a shift in reading with the Kindle and other e-readers. With the April 3rd release of the Apple iPad the possiblities with book content is infinite. New applications will be created to extend the iPad even further that the iPhone.

Interesting facts:

Did you know in February 2010, users downloaded one e-book for every four mobile games? This is up from one for every six games just 6 months prior.

Electronic books are now the largest content category at the App Store.

Read more about the boom in e-books here.

The business of publishing isn’t just that anymore – it’s technology based. I can feel that shift already happening and I couldn’t be more excited than to work with a publisher who gets it.
Out with the old. In with the new.

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  • J Jackson

    I think someone is doing that yearbook thing – we thought of it last year, and someone said it's being done… Topeka it! 🙂

  • Tamela Saurer

    appreciated lots, I must comment that your blog is brilliant!

  • Ruben Hanek

    RSS feed is not working in chrome, Kindly fix it.

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