How to Print on Lunch Bags

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Doll up your kids’ lunches by printing on lunch bags! I’ve had these brown lunch sacks sitting next to my computer for a week waiting to be printed on. The kiddos go back to school tomorrow, so what better time to try this out then while making lunches. Let’s look at how to print on lunch bags – I’ve included 2 templates

how to print on lunch bags

How to Print on a Lunch Bag

Here are lunch bag templates in .docx (word) so you can easily edit placing your child’s name in. If you want to edit graphic, I suggest using PicMonkey. But I find it easiest to use the below lunch bag templates in Microsoft Word – or you can use in Google Docs as well. Just import your graphic to where the Hello Kitty or Jedi graphic is.

print on lunch bags   print on lunch bags

Overall, I love how these printed brown lunch bags came out!

Tips for Printed Brown Bags

After a lot of trial and error I learned a few things, here are a some tips if you decide to do this.

Use an Ink Jet Printer

I started with my color laser printer which is on my desk and thought oh these will look fabulous. Blech. It worked, but the laser just doesn’t print well on paper bags. I ended up running into the next room with the kid’s ink jet printer and printing these.

The printed lunch bags using an ink jet printer turned out much better, and if I wasn’t running back and forth they would of been centered better *sorry OCD here*.

Also just a common printer user note: know which side to insert the bags before printing. Knowing those little details like this sure helps when in a printing project as such.

Print Several at a Time

Knock out a few week’s worth by printing up several lunch bags at a time.  Look at you being efficient (more like look at ME being efficient!).

Your Kids Will Love These!

The kids went goo goo over these. Who knew printing on lunch bags would make them so happy. Hope your kids enjoy them as well.

Lunch Notes for Kids

Another tip for making cute lunches for the kids: I love to pack lunch notes in their brown bag lunches, but time isn’t always on my side.  I pre-print several sheets of happy notes. Cut them up and keep them handy for putting into lunches. My boy so loves when I write him notes, he has a special ziploc bag full of ones he has collected through out the year.

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