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Without My Cell Phone

| Without My Cell Phone


Without my cell phone, I wouldn’t:

  1. Know what time it is
  2. Be able to solve a math question
  3. Know a single phone number
  4. Know the date
  5. Be able to text my friend when I’m at their house
  6. Take a snap shot at a perfect time
  7. Be able to wake up from an alarm in the morning
  8. Find my way in the dark
Ha! How true is is how our iPhones and Androids have become our everythings. There are a few numbers that I have made myself remember after being stranded without a phone and not knowing what to do, but other than that – I really am not sure what I would do without my cell phone.
Somethings you should do with you cell phone:
If you have an Apple iPhone, make sure Find my iPhone is installed!
Check out how to find a cheap wireless plan for kids.

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