The Ultimate Math and Algebra App

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PhotoMath App will help your kids show their work with math problems! Keep reading…

Show Your Work

SHOW YOUR WORK – those words have been repeated many times by math teachers all over the world and now, there is a map that will help you do just that. Meet the PhotoMath app – a new app that’s the world’s first camera calculator. You just point your camera at the mathematical expression, and PhotoMath instantly displays the correct result.  Children can use it as a tool to help them learn Math. And parents, we can use it to check our kids’ homework.  It’s like a Math teacher in your pocket – so they say….

Photomath App - The Ultimate Math & Algebra App

We started virtual school this year with our kids. I have to hand it to all home school parents. I am SO thankful for our 6th grader’s math teacher (and her other teachers – but especially Math.)  I just don’t remember half of this stuff, I feel like I am learning right along with my student – and neither does my husband!  I can’t wait to try this app out (unfortunately, it’s only available for iOS and Windows until early 2015 – then it will be available for Android.)

I have asked a teacher friend who teaches Algebra II, her thoughts on this. Her response when I asked if she thinks if kids could learn from this type of app…

Totally possible. But the kids will still need to be able to work the steps on tests.

PhotoMath App – The Ultimate Math & Algebra App

Check out the PhotoMath App in action:

Download PhotoMath for iOS or Windows – and did I mention it’s FREE?

Here’s the official details about this cool math app:

PhotoMath is the world’s first camera calculator. Just point the camera towards the mathematical expression, and PhotoMath instantly displays a correct result.

By pressing the steps button, you can see the full step-by-step solution. Use it to get help when you’re stuck solving a math problem.

Children can use it as a tool which helps them to learn Math, while parents can use it to check the homework to their children. With PhotoMath, you can have a Math teacher in your pocket.

PhotoMath currently supports basic arithmetics, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms. New math is constantly added in new app releases.

Handwritten text is not supported, only printed problems from Math textbooks.

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