Pedophile Book Pulled From Amazon – Victory? Not Quite.

According to Tech Crunch, the Pedophile book has been pulled from Amazon’s Kindle Store.  Victory? Yes. and No.

Pedophile Book on amazon

No More Pedophile Book on Amazon

The Yes.

The power of people forced Amazon’s removal of the book. Amazon saved face and the internet can return to it’s chatter.

The No.

Social Responsibility is a worldly issue – online and off. The fact that books, videos, etc like this exist shows there are some sick people in the world.  The fact that Amazon would cry censorship until being beaten down by it’s tribe? Sorry when someone even mentions the world pedophile, I get sick, so especially on this topic – ick.

And the author of this pedophile book is the winner still.  Before the internet explosion – he had sold 1 copy. Last night – the book was in the top 65 on the Kindle best seller list. Read this interview with the author – then pray for this guy.

What Can We Do?

Keep fighting the good fight for causes that matter – both big and small. If your heart hurts when you hear something, you can do something about that. Just move.

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