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It’s that time of year, CHRISTMAS IS FINALLY HERE!

Parent’s Guide to Fortnite

So this Fortnite game is all the rage, but are you still asking WHAT IS FORTNITE?

parents guide to fortnite

We’ve collected all of the info, made our gamer kids answer all kinds of questions and compiled it into the ULTIMATE Parent’s Guide to Fortnite.

Instant Pot All The Things

Here at Digital Mom Blog, we are slightly obsessed with the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot has saved us countless hours and given us a whole new range of things to cook for the family. Here are some of our favorite Instant Pot recipes.

Technology and Kids

While raising kids in this digital world can seem scary, here at Digital Mom Blog we are dedicated to helping guide parents thru the in’s and out’s of technology.

We share our personal experiences with technology and kids. You will also find product reviews, parent talk about screen time and online gaming, info on resources for limiting technology, apps.

Digital Mom Review: Google Voice

A few years ago I had signed up for a service called Grand Central. As with as it seems, all things web-nifty – Google scooped them up. Grand Central is…

Fundraising With Social Media

Are you Fundraising with Social Media? Tweets, blogs and Facebook are to be applauded for the success of the Red Cross’ successful fundraising campaign for Haiti. Fundraising With Social Media The…

Keurig Review


The husband’s “big” gift this year came early. I KNEW he had bought me a panini press and I totally was in the mood for paninis the other night so…

R.I.P. My Dearest iPhone

Mad, sad and gloomy. For the last 11 days, I’ve not only been fighting off bronchitis – but grieving the loss of my iPhone.  It’s all so silly –  it…

Basecamp – Project Management Made Easy

As we close the year and a slew of new things are upon the digital team at work, I threw my hands in the air and said a quick little prayer for some help.

Jesus must of been listening because a light appeared and my computer instantly typed Okay, just kidding – but in all seriousness 37 Signals project management application, Basecamp has made my week peachy.

Digital Mom Review: Canon PowerShot SD780 IS


I have an unintentional review of the Canon PowerShot SD780 IS digital camera. In typical Molly fashion, I returned my anniversary gift. My poor husband every year, err… every HOLIDAY…

Marketing To The Digital Mom

Are you in the business of marketing to digital moms? With holiday season right around the corner – marketers are ramping up campaigns on how to reach Moms, well… in…

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