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Keurig Review


The husband’s “big” gift this year came early. I KNEW he had bought me a panini press and I totally was in the mood for paninis the other night so I sweet talked him into…

Basecamp – Project Management Made Easy

As we close the year and a slew of new things are upon the digital team at work, I threw my hands in the air and said a quick little prayer for some help.

Jesus must of been listening because a light appeared and my computer instantly typed Okay, just kidding – but in all seriousness 37 Signals project management application, Basecamp has made my week peachy.

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I am mom to 4 kids, so on the blog the content is largely dictated by what life throws at us! Since the start of the blog, I have given birth twice, survived toddlers, raised pre-teens into teens and much more!

My goal here at Digital Mom Blog is to help navigate parenthood. This is thru sharing technology finds, products and hacks (hello Instant Pot recipes!), and to laugh. Laughter is a necessity in my life and since memes are my love language - you will find plenty of funny memes to help you survive whatever crazy is happening in your life.

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