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How to Avoid Outrageous Baby Expenses

Outrageous baby expenses. All parents know them, but can we avoid them?

The cost of raising a child is astronomical. I was recently interviewed by US News in regards to various baby expenses and the difference I spent on my first baby vs my fourth baby.

outrageous baby expensesOutrageous Baby Expenses

The truth of the matter is that our first baby was spoiled rotten with baby products that weren’t needed. The outrageous baby expenses included dresses, designer baby bedding, baby shoes for every outfit, hair bows galore, personalized baby items and so on. Pottery Barn Kids and Gymboree were musts. (It was 2003, people.) Unnecessary expenses on the baby? All day. Every day. 

Looking back on those years I can see why I spent what I did and why. We had struggled with infertility for 4 years before conceiving. I was dead set on doing everything right and with extra money, why not? Why not, at the time was 2003 – not 2012. Plus, I swear baby girls just cost a ton more if you are into clothes and dressing them up. 

Types of Baby Expenses

There are 2 types of outrageous baby expenses, those we can control and those we can’t – such as medical related expenses and child care expenses. We’re talking about wants not needs.

9 years and 4 kids later – before buying anything for our baby or kids it’s thoroughly thought over. We still have fun, and certain items we splurge on because you only live once! That being said, that life is for at least another 40+ years and money isn’t endless. Our financial situation is better now than it was in 2003 – but with 4 kids, our financial situation won’t be great for many years – or until lotto numbers hit.

Thanks to Kimberly Palmer and US News for the article on why children are getting more expensive.

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What About You? Did You Spend More On Your First Child Than Others? Do You Find Yourself With Outrageous Baby Expenses?