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November 28 Meme of the Day: Funny Humor About Shopping Sales

It’s November 28 Meme of the Day for Cyber Monday.

Today, 11/28 is the 332nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are only 33 days remain until the end of the year.

November 28 Meme

How’s that Christmas shopping going? Is the tree up? What’s the holiday mood for today?

cyber monday nah more like treat yoself monday
november 28 meme

We are honoring the plethora of holidays in the remaining 33 days of the year with the best holiday memes. Enjoy the November 28 meme of the day, part of our Cyber Monday memes.

Looking to help balance the spending between gifts and bills? Tomorrow is Cyber Monday. Don’t miss our Monday after Thanksgiving memes for Cyber Monday and returning to work after a holiday humor.

working from home monday after thanksgiving meme
monday after thanksgiving

As these inflation memes state, the 2022 is a mood.

If you did Thanksgiving right, you either cooked extra or brought home Thanksgiving leftovers. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving Leftover recipes of things to make with that extra food from Turkey day.

27 Days Until Christmas!

There are only 27 days until Christmas. Countdown until Santa comes is on.

27 days until christmas meme
27 days until christmas meme

Enjoy and share the best Christmas memes for the season.

i love christmas memes
i love christmas memes

Ready to get the Christmas season started?

It’s Monday

Today is Monday. Of course we have the best memes for today.

monday is a nooooooo!
monday december meme

We have an entire collection of funny Monday memes that represent the emotions of today – both good and bad as we start the new work week.

Hopefully you were able to enjoy some extra days off this past week. Don’t miss these funny long weekend memes about the joys of returning after taking time off of work.

November 28 Holidays and Observances

Here are significant holidays and events for today, November 28.

It’s Cyber week, while today is Cyber Monday – there will be sales from now until Christmas. Tomorrow is Travel Tuesday, hoping to score travel deals!

November 28 Birthday Meme

For our friends with November 28 birthday’s see our it’s my birthday memes

birthday recession meme
birthday recession meme

Wish a friend who has a bday today a great day with our Happy Birthday Memes!

More Memes for November

Don’t miss all of our November memes.

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