November 22 Meme of the Day: Funny Turkey Idea


Here is your November 22 Meme of the Day.

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we are getting into the holiday spirit with some humor and the November 22 meme of the day.

November 22 Meme

Who’s ready for some turkey? We’re sharing the humor with our November 22 meme of the day, honoring the beloved star of Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey.

november 22 meme
november 22 meme

Baking a turkey this Thursday? Why not give it a tan! Gobble up all of our funny Turkey Memes about the beloved dinner bird.

Make sure you share this funny meme about leaving work early today with your boss.

good bosses let their employees leave early the day before thanksgiving

Also, don’t miss our funny boss memes! If you still have grocery shopping to do, God speed.

1 Day Until Thanksgiving Meme

I hope that bird is thawed! Share our Thanksgiving memes.

When you can't wait to eat your favorite homemade pie at Thanksgiving, but find out this year mom decides to buy a pre-made pie from the store.

Traveling in the car for a road trip home this Thanksgiving week?

me at the grocery store the day before thanksgiving

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Fun fact, today is the 326th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (327th when it’s a leap year.) There are only 39 calendar days left in 2024!

33 Days Until Christmas

There are only 33 days until Christmas.

33 days until christmas meme
33 days until christmas meme

The countdown until Santa arrives is on. Enjoy and share the best Christmas memes for the season.

decorating early for christmas meme

Ready to get the Christmas season started? Enjoy our early Christmas memes.

November 22 Holidays and Observances

Here are the November 22, 2024 holidays and observances:

  • Go for a Ride Day
  • Humane Society Anniversary Day
  • Lebanon Independence Day
  • Love your Freckles Day
  • National Cranberry Relish Day – enjoy this cranberry relish recipe.

On This Day 11/22

Here are other notable things to know about on this day, November 22:

  • 1963 – President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX.
  • 2005 – Angela Merkel was sworn in as German’s chancellor, becoming the first woman to hold the post.
  • 1995 – Pixar’s Toy Story was released.
  • 1994 – Mount Merapi on the island of Java erupted.

November 22 Birthday

For our friends with November 22 birthday, see our it’s my birthday memes

barbie birthday meme

Wish a friend who has a bday today a great day with our Happy Birthday Memes!

More Memes for November

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this is me at work in novemeber pretending that the holidays are here and there's no work to do

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