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November 13 Meme of the Day: Football Fun

Here is your November 13 Meme of the Day!

We are bringing you the best daily memes! It’s November 13, 2022 and who is ready for some football?

November 13 Meme

Today, November 13 is the 317th day of the year, 318th in leap years in the Gregorian calendar. There are only 48 days remain until the end of the year. Here is the meme of the day for November 13.

dallas cowboy's menu
for november 13 cheese
november 13 meme

Sunday in our house means, the Dallas Cowboys game is on. This week, Dallas plays the Green Bay Packers. Hit up these Dallas Cowboys Memes to cheer them on (we even have some for you haters.)

its football season meme
its football season meme

See all of our football memes.

New Season of Yellowstone Premieres Tonight

For all of our friends that love the show Yellowstone as much as well do, tonight is the night! Tonight, November 13 Yellowstone season 5 premieres. Don’t miss our Yellowstone memes.

rip wheeler yellowstone meme
rip meme yellowstone

We will have two episodes to binge, so don’t plan on doing anything for 2 hours!

It’s Sunday

November 13, 2022 is a Sunday. We have an entire collection of Sunday memes that represent the emotions of today – both good and bad!

funny sunday meme weekend
November 11th meme

42 Days Until Christmas

You read that correct, there are only 42 days until Christmas.

only 42 days until christmas
42 days until christmas meme

Share and enjoy the best Christmas memes for the season.

The countdown until Santa arrives is on.

November 13 Holidays and Observances

November 13, 2022 is celebrated with various silly holidays:

  • National Hug a Musician Day
  • Day of Mourning
  • World Kindness Day
  • International Tongue Twister Day
  • National Indian Pudding Day
  • National Pupusa Day
  • Sadie Hawkins Day

On This Day 11/13

Here are other notable things to know about. On this day November 13:

  • 1980 – US spacecraft Voyager 1 sends back 1st close-up pictures of Saturn during its fly-by.
  • 1789 – Benjamin Franklin wrote to a friend that nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes. Read more on Chicago Tribune
  • 1956 – US Supreme court rules race separation on buses in Alabama unconstitutional.

Birthdays November 13th

Here are famous November 13 birthdays. Don’t miss our Happy Birthday Memes!

paul rudd birthday meme
monkey birthday meme

Here are the November 13 birthdays, check out this list of celebrities born today:

  • Whoppi Goldberg birthday is 11/13/49.
  • Chris Noth birthday is 11/13/54
  • Jimmy Kimmel birthday is 11/13/67

More Memes for November

Don’t miss all of our November memes.

clean christmas memes digital mom blog
decorating early for christmas meme

Don’t miss all of our funny work memes! Perfect for sharing with your co-workers as your drudge through the month of November knowing that the holidays are looming. Speaking of holidays.

funny work meme escape
boss work great day meme

Thanksgiving Memes 2022 – Here are the funny memes about Thanksgiving.

mom buying pie thanksgiving family meme
thanksgiving turkey bach meme

Here are more Thanksgiving memes you will love:

Already have the Christmas tree up? Enjoy our early Christmas memes.

early christmas memes digital mom blog
christmas music meme

Christmas Music Memes – from Mariah to playing the X-mas songs year round.

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