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Funny Meme of the Day for November 10: Thanksgiving in 2 Weeks

Here is your November 10 Meme of the Day!

We are bringing you the best daily memes! It’s November 10, 2022 and a Thursday.

November 10 Meme

Today, November 10 is the 314th day of the year (315th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are only 51 days remain until the end of the year. Here is the meme of the day for November 10.

2 week notice! Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks.
november 10 meme of the day 2024

That cold weather has arrived and y’all, we are tired folk. Today marks 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. It’s time to organize the family and prepping the Thanksgiving dinner menu.

45 Days Until Christmas

You read that correct, there are only 45 days until Christmas.

45 days until christmas meme
45 days until christmas meme

Enjoy and share the best Christmas memes for the season.

November 10 Holidays

Why you maybe thinking, surely today isn’t a holiday – think again. Here are the silly holidays for 11/10:

  • World Quality Day
  • World Top Up Day
  • National Vanilla Cupcake Day
  • Sesame Street Day
  • International Accounting Day (send these payroll memes to your accounting team)
  • Area Code Day
  • Forget Me Not Day

On This Day 11/10

Here are other notable things to know about. On this day November 10:

  • 1969 – Sesame Street premiered on TV.
  • 1775 – The US Marine Corps was created.
  • 1973 – Israel declared not ready to Sign Middle East Peace Document.
  • 2002 – A series of Tornadoes stretching from Louisiana to Pennsylvania, with Tennessee and Alabama the hardest hit on Veterans Day kills 36.

Happy Birthday Marines Meme

The Marine Corps turns 247 years old today! Share this Happy Birthday Marines meme.

happy birthday marines meme
happy birthday marines meme

Did you know that you call someone in the Marines, a Marine. Members of the U.S. Army and National Guard are soldiers. Members of the Air Force are airmen. Members of the Navy are sailors.

November 10th Birthdays

Here are famous November 10 birthdays. Don’t miss our Happy Birthday Memes!

when people sing happy birthday to you and you just sit there like
monkey birthday meme
  • Tracy Morgan – 11/10/68
  • Miranda Lambert birthday – 11/10/83
  • Dipplo birthday – 11/10/78
  • Ellen Pompeo birthday – 11/10/69
  • Martin Luther birthday – 11/10/1483 – February 18, 1546
  • Brittany Murphy birthday – 11/10/73 – December 20, 2009
  • MOMO birthday – 11/10/97
  • Carl Sagan birthday- 11/10/34
  • Eve birthday – 11/10/78
  • Sinbad birthday – 11/10/78

More Memes for November

Don’t miss all of our November memes.

nothing lasts forever in the cold november rain
november rain meme

Don’t miss all of our funny work memes! Perfect for sharing with your co-workers as your drudge through the month of November knowing that the holidays are looming. Speaking of holidays.

funny work meme friends
funny work meme friends

Thanksgiving Memes – Here are the funny memes about Thanksgiving.

when someone brings up politics at thanksgiving dinner
thanksgiving family politics meme

Here are more Thanksgiving memes you will love:

Already have the Christmas tree up? Enjoy our early Christmas memes.

when it's not even thanksgiving and you hear christmas carols playing everywhere
christmas carols meme funny

Christmas Music Memes – from Mariah to playing the X-mas songs year round.

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