Not Me Monday – Bad Molly on Father’s Day

Not Me Monday is dedicated to confessing your imperfections and BOY oh boy yesterday, yes Father’s Day me and imperfect went hand and hand.


Truth be told, last week was stressful. Though i’ve been working the last several weeks – this past week was my first week back in the office. We are in the midst of 4 major projects and having to adjust to getting dressed and making sure that 3 kids get to their rightful places made for me 1 tired mama this weekend.

Father’s Day snuck up on me this year. I always try to make it special for Sean as he deserves it all. He is a wonderful father and husband. I seriously couldn’t ask for a more patient man. PLUS he makes EXTREMELY cute babies.

ANYWHOO. Me and my stress-exhaustion let Sean have it on Sunday. For some stupid reason I just was totally non-friendly this afternoon with my husband, and yes on Father’s day. After finally realizing I needed some down time, Sean took the older kids out.

Feeling guilty for the wicked person I was, I thought – i’ll surprise Sean with the ULTIMATE steak dinner. Knowing the fam would be gone for a few hours, I went all out.

The menu called for: steaks, grilled zucchini, blue cheese sauteed onions, rice, and corn. All topped off with homemade cupcakes.

Everything was going super until my A.D.D. got in the way. Me trying to do too many things at once never ends good. This is what the result was:


Charred Steak

Yes, that’s burnt steak. And I won’t even go into what the zucchini looked like (CHARRED!)

Sigh…. I tried to hold it together. I was able to somehow cut off SOME meat, very well done so Sean had SOME steak for dinner.

But at least the happy homemade cupcakes turned out fabulous.

Happy Homemade cupcakes

Here is to a happy next week with less stress, more happiness and less crabby Molly!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

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  • Jocelyn

    Hope you have a less stressful week!!! Good for you for trying!

    • digital mom

      Thanks Jocelyn. This week will be good – and if its not at least I have chocolate cupcakes to eat while stressing 🙂

  • Candice

    I am so with you on last week being stressful. It makes us appreciate relaxation even more 🙂 Charred steak is better than raw steak.

    • digital mom

      Thanks Candice! oh charred, hoping this week doesn’t feel like that. Here’s to a happy Tuesday – Friday!

  • Cintia

    I love the pic of the steak 🙂 hope this week was a lot better!

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