Not Me Monday.

Not me monday

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you know that things are going to be busy but you just don’t realize how busy until you are in the hustle and bustle? Not me. 🙂

tulsa wof

It WASN’T ME who worked the Women of Faith Tulsa event this weekend.

Early Flight

It WASN’T ME who took a wee early flight in the morning on Friday to spend time with her kids on Thursday night. SO WEE early that someone drove to the airport at 6am half asleep. AND SO WEE early that the someone left the light on in the car on accident since it was STILL DARK when that someone got out of the car.

marcus buckingham

It WASN’T ME who geeked out AGAIN when talking to Marcus Buckingham (he’s my hero).

note from lamb

It WASN’T ME who received a sweet little note in my travel packet from a little lamb who blogs at Sunshine & Starlight WARNING ME NOT to geek out on Marcus Buckingham.

Michelle Aguilar & Lisa Harper

It WASN’T ME who snuck this pic of Michelle Aguilar and Lisa Harper backstage at Women of Faith.

Baby monitor viewable on the iphone

It WASN’T ME who stalked my baby via her iphone app which is connected to the baby monitor ALL WEEKEND.

It WASN’T ME who freaked out and called her husband in a panic when the baby hadn’t moved in 3 hours and it was NOON on Saturday – only to find out that the iPhone app had frozen.

food art

food art

food art

It WASN’T ME who made food art out her food in catering and took pics and MMS’d them to her co-worker.

Early Flight

It WASN’T ME who got a flight home on Saturday and it arrived 30 minutes early (who has ever heard of that!?!?!). After rushing to her car to surprise her family she found out that the SOMEONE who had left the interior car light on and was now stuck in Terminal B with a DEAD BATTERY.

Battery Jump in Airport Parking

It WASN’T ME who had to have her husband haul 3 kids not fed to the airport to jump her battery.

It WASN’T ME who wanted to CRY CRY CRY all the way home.


(What a weekend. I survived. The kids survived. And Women of Faith had a wonderful event. Thank you Sean for rescuing me and more importantly taking care of our kiddos. And THANK YOU TULSA – your people are SO NICE. AND to you – if you haven’t been to a Women of Faith event, GO!*)

*I am employed by Women of Faith.  Opinions are those of mine and not of my employer.

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  • sunshineandstarlight

    It wasn't you who had the most entertaining tweets/facebook posts ever!! Oh wait, yes it was. Glad you liked your note but sad it didn't help. Muahah!! I cannot wait to see this disaster happen in person. *wink* LOVE YOU!

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