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No Screens Sunday – Our New Parenting Hack To Limiting Screen Time

No Screens Sunday – our family is all about technology. The older kids have iPhones, the younger kids have tablets. We all have computers. There’s the gaming consoles and the tvs. Our lives are inundated with screens, but I am hoping to change that just a little to bring the kids back down to Earth and away from the virtual world that we all can get sucked into so quickly.

No Screens Sunday

Today after church, our afternoon plans were cancelled leaving us a full-day of NOTHING. Saturday, we had a color guard performance, a vehicle that had to be taken into the dealership, a Christmas party, life group and the usual weekly errands. So a day off, that just sounded wonderful.

No Screens on Sundays

We got home from church and I watched the kids run upstairs to jump on their devices. It hit me. This doesn’t have to be like this. I turned off the downstairs TV, yelled at the kids to come downstairs, used Circle to turn off the internet and declared Sunday as No Screens Sunday for the kids. I didn’t declare this for myself or husband but we did minimize our phone use.

No Screens for a Day

Today was fabulous. Once the kids got over the initial “WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?” fit – things went pretty fantastic. We got laundry done, 6 people – this is massive in our house. Our clothes were ready for the week. My husband and I cooked meals together while the kids bounced outside.

The kids did their reading and homework for school (thankfully none of it required a computer!) We did a few family projects, including putting up patio lights and putting together an outdoor heater. The kids went to bed exhausted.

Our first No Screens Sunday overall, was great – not perfect though. I did catch the teen a on her phone several times and then while getting the littles for bed, I came downstairs to find the older kids watching re-runs on Netflix. Scrolled thru Insta to find my teen had posted stories (does she not think I don’t look at her stuff? I made sure to like and COMMENT on every post she posted today, ha.)

But, that said, all-in-all the kids had a LOT less screen time than they typically would have had. There wasn’t all the pestering to get off the tablet or phone when doing chores. The kids were outside playing, it was cold – but they PLAYED.


While I know that with the world we live in, I don’t want to block my kids from all things screens – but today was a great example on how you can successfully limit screen time and create some order.

No Screens Sunday will definitely be something we do moving forward. Who knows, maybe I’ll even jump into the no screens Sunday game…. maybe.

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How do you limit your child’s screen time?

Ann Sheehan

Thursday 8th of December 2016

No Screens Sunday is a great idea. The internet can easily be turned off at your home router. Also everyone place their phones and tablets in the "No Screens Sunday" basket. Join together as a family and take a walk, go on a hike, ride bikes, play ball.

Jerry Lafferty

Monday 5th of December 2016

I actualy try to do this to myself sometimes. Somedays it seems I get nothing done at all once I sit down in front of the computer screen. I have to force myself to do the things that need done first before I ever even turn the darn thing on. Its gotta be rough on kids.

Stacey Roberson

Monday 5th of December 2016

I think this is a great idea. Put aside time to interact with family. We need to establish this in our house.