No App For That – Misbehaving 18 Month Olds

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no app for that - misbehaving 18 month olds

There is NO APP FOR THAT – nope, no app for a misbehaving 18 month old.

We live in an app crazed world. There is an app for just about everything. Unfortunately, there are somethings that apps just can’t solve.  Here is a satirical look at the realities of life and what apps can’t solve in the weekly feature – No App For That.

Oh what a week. A week in which I found myself searching Apple’s App Store to find an app for a fix but to no avail.

My biggest need for an app this week, was an app that would help with a Misbehaving 18 Month Old. An app that I could point, click and shazam – make this cute 18 month old baby – act like a civilized toddler. (yeah, yeah – I know, there is no such thing).

Well nope. There is no app for that. 18 month old’s will misbehave and us moms just have to deal with it.

Case in Point.

For Mother’s Day, I was given a budget to re-do our family room. It was a great gift, as I was in my final trimester and decorating helped my nesting urges. So after a few months of trying this and that – we finally had the room painted and configured to my liking.

family room redecorate

This week, while I still love the cozy feeling of the room – someone in our family felt that it needed some more personal touches. And by personal touches – I mean drawing on our family room walls that were just painted a few months ago.

kids drawing on the walls

Yes, the 18 month old took a pencil after the walls. Isn’t 18 months young to be doing this?

18 month old baby

Sigh. Thankfully it was pencil. And thankfully I have leftover paint I can touch up with. But all that said – an app for a misbehaving 18 month old would be FABULOUS. Get on that app developers!

Searching for Apps – while there is no app for 18 month olds – there are these parenting apps:

4 Parenting Apps to Check Out

iphone parenting apps
iPhone Parenting Apps

Timeout Ultimate Discipline Tool

Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time. Use the time tested practice of timeout to instil discipline in your mischievous little one with the help of Timeout.

Purchase This iPhone App – 99 cents


A pocket guide for parents who want to set better limits.
A fun game of consequences for kids!

Purchase This iPhone App – 99 cents

Discipling Your Kid the Right Way AppBook

No matter who you ask about parenting, one thing is clear. There are a lot of wrong ways to discipline your child. The reason we say wrong is because they don’t get the point across. The only way a child is going to learn what you want is if they understand what it is that they have done wrong and why it is wrong. This is not easy. Fortunately there is a simple way to learn the tips and tricks to help you discipline your child in a manner that gets results. Stop the stress and start a relationship with your child that will be the foundation for life. Download Discipline Your Kid the Right Way today!

Read all about it in this comprehensive ebook. Reading the book is a snap.  It is organized into chapters so you can read about the specific part of the book that you are interested in.  When you’re reading a page, simply tap on the right side of the page to move onto the next one, or tap on the left side to view the previous page.  Plus you can choose the color scheme and font type that is just right for you!

Purchase this iPhone AppBook – $9.99

Kid Timeout

If you do the crime, you gotta do the time. Use the time tested practice of timeout to instill discipline in your mischievous little one with the help of Kid Timeout. We all know 5 minutes can be a subjective measure of time for some folks, so use this app to make 5 minutes truly mean 5 minutes. Perhaps your child isn’t doing themselves any favors while in timeout. If that’s the case, we have provided a ’30 second’ button which adds to the existing punishment. Kid Timeout also runs interrupted while you take a phone call or run another app, making it the premier parental conduct tool on iTunes.

This application is a countdown timer designed to allow parents to monitor and track the duration of their child’s time out period. Now you can successfully, easily, and fairly administer punishments anywhere you go! This application can also be used as a countdown timer up to one hour.

Purchase this iPhone App – 99 cents

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