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Nixplay Wifi Photo Frame – Awesome Gift for Loved Ones Far Away

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame – Give the Gift That Delivers All Year Long!

It’s that time of year, moms. Don’t let Christmas shopping stress you out. Enjoy the holidays and leave the picking out of gifts for your loved ones to me. We have a massive gift guide featuring gift ideas for everyone in your life!

Today’s gift idea is brought to you by Nixplay. They sent us the Nixplay smart photo frame with wifi to review and immediately I knew who I had to gift this to! (Hint, mom – if you are reading this, pretend you aren’t.)

Let’s review the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame and see why we say that this is the gift that keeps giving.

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Review

In order to thoroughly review a product, we tested this digital photo frame for 2 weeks. We wanted to give the Nixplay smart frame a good run through before sharing our thoughts. The frame has been running for the last 2 weeks without incident.

While technology can be confusing, I am a little more skilled than the average bear. So to setup the Nixplay frame, I had my kid set it up using her phone. Setting up the actual frame and syncing with the Nixplay app took just a few minutes!

wifi photo frame nixplay

The photo frame build is durable. Nixplay was smart to design the power cable connection and the stand into one piece. It’s a unique design, but works well. We did not wall-mount the digital frame, but that is an option!

Nixplay sent us a 10.1 inch black frame. It’s a modern design and will work well in any home aesthetic.

If you are like me and share photos often on social media – good news! You can use or the Nixplay app and import photos from Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr and Google Photos!

Remote Photo Sharing

While the joy of seeing a photo slideshow is always a fun addition to any room, my favorite feature of the Nixplay smart photo frame is the ability to share photos remotely.

Our frame is being gifted and with the digital photo frame gift, also comes the gift of photos remotely sent to the frame all year long. This does not cost an additional fee. Anyone who you regularly text or send photos to – send pics to their digital frame instead!

About the Nixplay Wifi Photo Frame

Here is general information and specs about the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame.


Nixplay Frame Sizes and Colors

We received the 10.1 inch Nixplay Smart Photo Frame. This digital frame comes in 9.7 inch, 13.3 inch and 15.6 inch sizes as well.

Our frame is black, but the smart frame can also be purchased with a wood effect frame.

Smart Photo Frame Features

WALL MOUNTED OR FREE STANDING: The Nixplay wifi frame can be used free standing or wall mounted.

MOTION SENSOR: With an integrated Hu-Motion sensor, your Nixplay frame detects movement – turning your frame on and off.

SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOS: Import photos from Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr and Google Photos using and the Nixplay app.

REMOTE PHOTO SHARING: Family and friends can share photos remotely!

WIFI NEEDED: You will need wifi, a computer and/or the Nixplay app to use the smart frame.

PLAYS VIDEO: In addition to playing a photo playlist, the digital frame can also play videos! Each Nixplay smart photo frame comes with 2 speakers.

EASY SETUP: Setup is easy. All photos and videos can be uploaded thru the Nixplay app.


Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Price

The Nixplay Smart Photo Frames start at $179.99. Make sure to check out the Nixplay site for awesome deals this holiday season!

Learn more about Nixplay Frames

If this is out of your budget, consider going in with your siblings or family members and purchasing as a large present! This is a great gift that is appreciated year round!

Best Grandparent’s Gift Idea

We will be packing up the Nixplay frame and wrapping for grandma’s Christmas gift. Each year my siblings and our families take family photos and gift to our parents. Typically I have large canvases and an annual calendar made for them to unwrap when we do Christmas.

This year, over 100 photos came back from our photographer! Rather than the typical grandparent’s gifts – we are going digital! As mentioned, I had my kid setup the frame – so setup is super easy. We created grandma a login of her own and the entire family will be sharing photos through out the year using the Nixplay app.

A digital photo frame is a grandparent gift idea!

Grandparents can be hard to buy for, but the Nixplay photo frame makes an awesome gift. Have the entire family pitch in and each of you contribute photos of your families. The photos make this gift more than just another present. They bring family moments into the home of grandparents thru-out the year.

Smart Photo Frames

It’s so cool to see how much the digital photo frame industry is evolving. A few years ago, I had gifted my husband a digital photo frame for his office at work. Back then, he had to load an SD card full of photos in order for the photographs to show. (Not even mentioning how crappy the screen makes the pics look!)

I went up to his office a few months ago, to find photos of our kids playing on his digital frame. Yes, OLD PHOTOS because the man never updates the SD card!

Thanks again to Nixplay for sending us a frame to review. #stayclose