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Remember: Nintendo Game Boy and Game Keeper


File this again under Things My Children Will Never Know!

20 years ago kids, Nintendo put out a PORTABLE gaming system called Game Boy. And since the battery didn’t hold jack – they developed an intelligent way to maintain the battery… Yes, you carry around a big ol’ battery pack called the Game Keeper (as seen above!).

Fortunately now we have iPods, Nintendo DS systems and what not.

Do kids now adays realize how spoiled they are with all of this technology at their finger tips?  NOPE! They have no idea what we had to “go through” as kids. *sigh*

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Did You Have a Game Boy Growing Up?


Paul Brown

Monday 23rd of January 2023

Now, I am a huge Zelda fan. Not the biggest you'll ever meet, but pretty big. Still small enough to not blindly love every game of the series though. Well anyways, ALttP was before my time. I am currently 18 years old and never played it when it first came out. Of course I got it on Virtual Console later on. And, to be perfectly honest... I didn't love it. I had a good time playing it, but to this day I never actually finished it. There are things about it that just bothered me too much. Like Links puny sword. Or the lack of maneuverability when using items, or, well your sword. These little details made the game hard. I'm not saying that it's too hard. I'm saying that it is harder (and thus more infuriating) than it needs to be. So that's why I didn't particularly like this entry to the series. I've gotta add, I definitely prefer the 3D titles over the 2D titles (apart from BotW, it was good but didn't feel like a Zelda) and, like I said, ALttP was before my time so I am not the most impartial of judges... But yeah. Paul Brown


Wednesday 1st of February 2012

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