National Internet Safety Month

internet safety month

June is National Internet Safety Month

The United States Senate declared June National Internet Safety Month in an effort to raise awareness of the need for online safety, challenge each of us to educate ourselves about online safety and to properly educated our nation’s youth to behave responsibly when using the internet.

If it was only as easy as telling our kids to “not talk to strangers” online. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated than that. In order to raise these digital kids, we have to educate them (and ourselves along the way) on how to use technology for good – as well as to be aware of the bads.

I came across this public service announcement featuring 2 little girls pinky swearing not to meet strangers online in public, and if they do the parents must be there. While kudos for trying – I couldn’t help but laugh at the naiveness of this approach.


As technology evolves and as we all become more vulnerable to the internet, there isn’t a course or book that will teach us “how to be safe online”. These are things we have to learn and educate the kiddies on.

Join us all month as we share tips and tricks to keeping safe online.

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