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Why My Photo Book is Kept Digitally

Remember when people use to keep photo albums and when they wanted to remember things, they would look thru diaries? Yeah, well it’s 2012 and this digital mom has everything stored well… digitally.

My Photo Book is Kept Digitally

Between here, YouTube and Flickr – anything I want from the past 5-6 years is stored online. My photo book is kept digitally.

My Photo Book is Kept Digitally
my photo book - Why My Photo Book is Kept Digitally

Tonight I received an email asking if I had captured posts on various topics in regards to pregnancy. My first thought was, “oh I blogged lots for Babble.” Then as I scoured my blog, I came across so many posts I had forgotten about.

There were posts that I secretly wrote and didn’t make public until later. There were posts where I was scared to death of losing my baby. I blogged about meeting Izaiah. I revealed the last 13 years of my life leading up to giving birth to Zeke. Then there was Zeke’s birth story.

sleeping baby zeke
baby sleeper - Why My Photo Book is Kept Digitally


Then I realized I really need to blog more about the kids. It’s not for you, but please feel free to read – it’s for me. It’s so that when someone asks 5 years from now about the time that Zeke was starting to walk, that I can just Google it. Or when Izaiah climbed out of his crib or when Z went on her first date – oh wait, that’s NEVER going to happen….

Walking down memory lane digitally is so much easier than those old photo albums! This is my photo book. This is my life. This is our story. All digital.

Speaking of my photo book, an old school photo book couldn’t do this… show you video!

Here is a favorite find. My daughter and son – 3 years ago. They were 6 and 4 at the time. Our Izaiah was stuck in my belly and Zeke was just a thought of someday.

While I keep everything digitally, I do now and then order photo books. We love Shutterfly, Blurb and Picaboo photo books!

How Do You Store Your Memories?