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My Love Hate Relationship With Photoshop

love hate photoshop

Many years ago my husband bought me a gift – Adobe Photoshop. We’re talking a LONG time ago – 14 years. I remember there not even being a way to undo. Crazy, I tell you!

Over the years, I’ve come to LOVE and HATE Photoshop. It’s like a bad relationship. It’s so good in on aspect, but in another it just out right sucks.

My Love for Photoshop

After installing Photoshop I spent hours upon hours learning the ins and out. That knowledge landed me a job, outlining commercial real estate property lines in aerial photographs and stitching together panoramic shots of interior photos. Oh the days before there was software to create a multi-image panoramic… That was just the start of my career with Photoshop. Up until quitting corporate America, I have used it faithfully nearly everyday.

And that reason is why I love Adobe Photoshop. It’s given me a career that this high school drop out most likely would never of had.

My Hate for Photoshop

Like most women, I have this awful self image that is really hard to shake. Especially when you think you are doing good. You are in the grocery store, stocking up on kale and head to the check out to see all of the loverly magazine covers staring at you while you wait to check out. There isn’t a flaw on one of them. Even Martha Stewart is looking slimmer than ever.

If Photoshop is doing this to me, a 33 year old mom. What is it doing to our youth? Exactly.

Yuck. Photoshop, while there are other programs that can do this – you invented it.

Jessee Rosten created this fabulous laugh out loud video about Fotoshop by Adobé. Make sure your bladder is empty, it made me want to pee.

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

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