MUSIC MONDAY: Pomplamoose Does Hyundai for the Holidays

Hyundai and Pomplamoose Music join forces for a series of Holiday commercials. Whoever the ad exec who came up with this…. BRILLIANT!

pomplamoose music does Hyundai for the Holidays

Pomplamoose sings Deck the Halls for the Hyundai Genesis

Pomplamoose sings Up On The House Top for the Hyundai Sonata

Pomplamoose sings Jingle Bells for the Hyundai Santa Fe

If you aren’t familiar with YouTube sensations Pomplamoose, read my first post about Pomplamoose Music’s greatness.

A grassroots multi-musical project of various fascinating layers, Pomplamoose is what happened when two YouTube musicians, Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte, joined forces. Similar to the one-man-show tradition of musicians like Beirut, Pomplamoose is a one-man-one-woman band that combines the talents of Dawn and her boyfriend Conte.
Read more on Pomplamoose’s official site.

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  • doug

    Pomplamoose is currently running a book drive for schools in Richmond, CA. Give a book, get a free download of the Pomplamoose christmas album:

  • Josh

    It’s not brilliant. That woman has the most shittacularly annoying voice EVER!

    • DiGTiAL MOM

      ha 🙂 to each their own.

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