MP3 Doorbell – The Best Doorbell Ever!


This week’s Cool Tech Thursday Feature is an MP3 Doorbell – the best doorbell EVER!  IT SINGS!

Well it’s technically an MP3 player and its an inantimate object, so I guess IT technically doesn’t sing but the MP3 player plays any song of your choice anytime someone presses the doorbell!

Best Doorbell Ever – It Plays MP3s!

That’s right, you can add up to 600 songs to an SD card which fits into the doorbell speaker. AMAZING huh?

mp3 door bell

Here are the complete deets on this MP3 Door Bell.

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell

  • Just like your mobile phone’s ringtone, you can now personalize your home doorbell
  • Includes a 2GB SD card to store up to 600 songs (takes up to 32GB for up to 10,000 songs) with crystal clear, MP3 playback
  • Transfer MP3 song files from your PC to the SD card via the included USB cable
  • Easy wireless installation mounts to walls & runs from 3 x AA battery power
  • Clear, crisp sound via the built-in speaker makes this an ideal portable MP3 player

The Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell is a customizable wireless music doorbell that will have guests dancing at your door, It has two main components: a doorbell unit, backed with double sided tape for easy mounting in your doorway and a speaker unit for mounting inside in your living area, kitchen, hallway etc with screws in the pack. You can position the two units up to 330ft/100m away from one another as they operate completely wirelessly. Both units are battery powered for your convenience with the doorbell using a 23A battery (included) and the speaker unit running off 3 x AA batteries, Store up to 25 of your favorite songs on the built-in 90MB memory.The speaker unit can connect to a computer via the USB port using the included USB cable. The software supplied allows you to edit your favorite songs as well as set the doorbell to play any part of the song when pressed. The easy to use controls look like an MP3 player and allow for intuitive controlling of the doorbell. The speaker unit can also be used as a portable MP3 player via the built-in speaker.

At just $53 – this is a great gift for any gadget lover!

Click to buy the Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell

Best Songs for MP3 Door Bell

This is the first thing we install when we move! I have always hated the silly door chime that plays anytime the neighbor kids or unwanted solicitors ring the doorbell.  Just THINK – you’ll be the coolest mom in the neighborhood with a doorbell that sings! I can just see the kids running and pushing just to hear the songs play… 🙂 At least that’s what I would of done when I was a kid.

Here are a few songs I’ll be adding to our MP3 door bell:

  • Angry Birds Theme Song by Pomplamoose Music
  • My Doorbell by White Stripes
  • Ding Dong Song by The Crazy Frogs
  • Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO

What Would Your MP3 Doorbell Song Be?

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