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Motorola T505 ROKR Review – Bluetooth Let’s You Drive & Talk Hands-Free!

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The Motorola T505 ROKR is the perfect solution if your stereo doesn’t support bluetooth. For my birthday, to go along with my new iphone – the husband surprised me with this puppy – a Motorola T505 ROKR Bluetooth in car speaker phone. Apparently he knows my awful habit of talking on the phone and driving. Yes, I know – it’s terrible and I’m trying to rid myself of the habit – which is why this will be a handsfree option for talking and driving.

Setting this device up was easy. The bluetooth sync’d easily with the iPhone and took about 5 minutes in total for setup.  I have had this for about a week and so far has lasted on 1 full charge.

Motorola T505 ROKR Review

The Motorola ROKR sound quality is great – except there is something I don’t like. The kids can now hear my conversations. And they feel like they should chime in and be apart of the conversation. ANNOYING! But I guess my eyes are on the road, though.

Motorola T505 ROKR Review

Another great use I’ve found is streaming Pandora thru the radio. Since the Motorola ROKR has a digital FM transmitter – you can stream things thru your stereo. We live in the Dallas metroplex and with my iPhone iTrip i have to shuffle often to find an empty radio frequency. The ROKR picked a signal right and streamed flawless.

Baby daddy bought this on Amazon. I was looking at purchasing an ear piece – but knowing my ability to keep up with things and the fact the bluetooth ear pieces require frequent charging,  I am glad he purchased this for me.

Here are a few of my favorite things about the ROKR

  • Portable media players and music handsets will allow you to beam music via the T505
  • The Motorola ROKR T505 can either play it through speakers, or transmit it via FM to your car stereo
  • It scans for clean frequencies, and when it finds one, it says aloud, “Tune your radio to 90.7.
  • Palm-sized speakerphone is mounted in a car to offer handsfree calling as long as you are using a compatible handset with bluetooth functionality
  • One year manufacturers warranty.

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