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Mommy Confessions – Moving Is Hard People

moving sucks

While you may not consider it kosher – mommy meltdowns exist. Moms can throw temper tantrums too and after the last 2 weeks I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’ve thrown too many to count – several.

We sold our house. I am reluctant to say that out loud as we are still 12 days from closing and 6 days from actually moving. This is the most exciting, challenging thing we’ve done in well – a year. Every year for the last 3 years we’ve done some remarkable.

2010 – Had our third child Izaiah

2011 – Had our fourth child Zeke

2012 – Sold our house and moved to ????

See the ???? that’s part of the tantrum. We have a fabulous realtor and a fickle home buyer (that wouldn’t be ME would it). We have looked up and down and round and round and a few weeks ago, after Izaiah knocked his teeth and Sean had to have minor surgery – we had to put house hunting on hold. So what does a family of 6 do when they don’t know where they are moving — PANIC IN THE DISCO — or more like MOMMY MELTDOWN.

Thankfully wonderful realtor found us temporary digs a mile away that allows the kids to stay at the same school and life as we know it minus a 1000 square feet continue.

Moving Sucks

Moving sucks people. The boxes are slowly being packed. (KEYWORD is SLOWLY). We are moving half of our stuff into storage (with the other half of our stuff) and then the necessities go with the movers.

Yesterday, I watched all 4 kids play out in the backyard for most likely the last time. While I have been dead set on moving, a bit of nostalgia came over me as I remembered each of their birthday parties out back and the memories this house has brought.

moving sucks12 years ago, we were driving down a then 2 lane road (now it’s 4 lanes) and saw a new development was being built. The neighborhood had an amazing location but there was nothing built around it yet. There were trees, a creek and a family vibe even though there were ZERO houses built. The only thing that stood was a sales trailer, the model homes weren’t even up.  I told Sean, this is where we need to live. Having built a house 2 years earlier, he told me I was crazy.

At the time, we were DINKS – double income no kids. I wanted a home for our family. The house we built was a total DINK pad. As I talked to the sales lady, I knew this is where I wanted to have kids. We chose a house and were the first ones to build a house in this hood. Thru a series of watching God move, as we went thru several job losses, potential loss of our earnest money and what have you – we got our house and we made it a home.

Each of our 4 kids was brought home to this house. Each used the same room as their nursery, right across the hallway from our room. Each inch of this house has been loved and has memories tucked in each corner. Now we say goodbye.

When I set out to sell this house, I told Sean that I hope someone buys it who appreciates it as much as we do. He laughed and said, let’s just find a buyer who wants to buy it. MAN thinking, love him to no end – but women = sentimental, men = objective.

I pray that this house becomes this couple’s home and that they have many wonderful memories here as we have.  I know they will, this house exudes LOVE. Plus there are fabulous people who live next door who bring cookies and have kids that make you laugh and I hope they move soon so I don’t have to think about missing them!

For now, we look like hoarders. My ADD will not let me finish 1 room at a time. The kids don’t get that they can’t unpack boxes. Laundry – how in the blankity blank are you suppose to do laundry when moving? For now, it’s vomited all over a room. No seriously, it looks like it’s just erupted and spewed socks, underwear and what have you everywhere.

This too shall pass – without more meltdowns? I can’t guarantee that.

Apps To Help You Move

P.S. As a tech mom – i thought SURLY there is some type of apps to help you move. There is NO app to help you move. Moving sucks – come on app makers – let’s make this happen. We are kind of busy or I’d have the husband come up with something but we need an app developed like now. Something that lets you inventory your boxes and create a webpage with the inventory – then prints off a QR code that you can sticker the front of the box with. I wish I had the time to do this manually – but alas I don’t have time for that either.

If anyone makes money off the said above app – remember me 😉

Sasha Rambles

Tuesday 2nd of October 2012

Moving is CRAZY HARD! Even without kids. I seem to remember it was rated one of the most stressful experiences, right up there with getting married (or divorced) and losing your job. Hang tough!


Monday 1st of October 2012

I am not so digitally minded but recently heard about using Evernote for remembering what is in what box in the attic - mark the box with a large number or room name, then take a picture of the box with its contents with your phone and the Evernote app. Now you have a pictorial remembrance of what is in the box.