Mom Style

Mom Style – For moms who enjoy great accessories, cute clothes and knowing whats in and work for them, these mom style posts are for you. 

I love clothes, accessories, and shoes that fit my vibe. I think keeping your vibe and style is so important as a mom. We can lose so much our ourselves in the day-to-day with all that babies and kids can require of us. The one thing we can do is feel good about ourselves, even if it means that the cute shirt we just purchased already has a spit-up stain or that our purse really is a diaper bag. 

How to Paint Your Nails Ombre

Wanna learn how to paint your nails ombre? Ombre – yes, it’s still all the rage. The ombre trend that seem to start with hair color has now spread like wild fire to everything from t-shirts, birthday cakes and well – NAILS!

how to paint ombre nails

How to Paint Your Nails Ombre

Here’s the supplies you’ll need to get started with the ombre nails. 

Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial

  I don’t know about you, but the typical cliché mom style just doesn’t suit my fancy. Confession: I sometimes totally fall into the cliché… Que constant wearing of pony tail…

The Dry Bar

Have you heard of the drybar?  The concept is you go in, pay 1 price and get a shampoo and blow out. Get it? a Blog Dry bar? Clever – and…