Mom Hacks – Creative Parenting for Crazy Kids

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Mom Hacks – have you ever had a moment of kid insanity that has led you to develop a creating parenting trick?  Perhaps it’s the rebellious tweens attempting to take over your house or the toddlers that are coloring the walls and peeing all over the carpet.  Yes, that’s a sneak peek into what my house is like right now.

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These off the wall parenting ideas, I like to refer to as mom hacks. It maybe a new way of teaching your child something, a way to keep your child still for 10 minutes or a bizarre punishment that may seem weird, but hey if it works – woohoo! Most likely your mom hack will not be found in any parenting how-to book and if you tell your family or friends about your creative solution – they may look at you like you are the crazy one, not your kids.

Mom Hacks = Creative Parenting

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This summer, with 4 kids ranging in age from 1 to 10 years old, the mom hacks have come out in full force. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few of my desperate solutions. I thought in the spirit of off the wall, creative parenting – I thought it would be a fun series to post about.  My wish is that some of us crazy-type of parents can learn from other crazy parents on how they are surviving raising healthy and productive kids in creative ways.

I’m not here to judge – and hopefully you aren’t here to judge either.  If I’ve learned anything from raising 4 kids, it’s that each child has their own personality and there is no uniform approach to how to parent (and that’s when creative parenting helps!)

Alright Mom Hackers – Time to Tell – What Are Your Favorite Mom Hacks or Creative Parenting Tricks?

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